How To Play Count Up Darts: Game Rules & Tips

Today we’ll talk about what is perhaps the most basic game in darts: count up darts. 

A huge part of its appeal is the simplicity of its rules, and this makes it a great introduction to the game. All you have to do is start from 0, add points as the game progresses, and tally the score at the end of 8 rounds. 

Like we said, simple. What’s more, the number of players is totally up to you. If you want to play alone, that’s OK for count up darts too. 

Ready to learn more about this game and how you can play it? Let’s talk more about the basic rules and scoring in the sections below. 

How to Play

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Count up darts can be used as a practice drill for you, but it’s definitely more fun if there are several players involved. 

However, for optimum enjoyment of the game, it is often recommended to have up to 4 players. Still, even up to 8 people divided into teams can be just as fun too. 

The objective of this game is to earn the highest score at the end of 8 rounds. You (and your team, if you’re playing with others) will be given three front-weighted darts to throw in a single round. 

So, by the end of the game, the players should have thrown a total of 24 darts into the board. 


To explain the scoring system for count up darts, let’s do a quick recap of the basics first: a dartboard is divided into 20 segments that are ordered at random. 

In the center, you will find a small black dot. That is the bullseye, and it will earn you the highest possible score in a given throw. 

The red ring that surrounds it is called the 25 ring. From here, the score will then be based on the corresponding segment that your dart will land on, taking into consideration if it landed on the “treble” ring or the “double” ring. 

For example, if you land a 7 in the treble ring, then your score is a “treble 7” on the record. 

The highest score that you can get per round of count up darts is a ton 80, or more specifically, 180 points. This is if you manage to land your darts in the triple 20 segment. This is a much narrower aim, but with practice, you should be able to hit this (and possibly even a bullseye) at every round. 

Is it possible to earn a perfect score in count up darts? 

Let’s put it this way: if the highest possible score for a round is 180, then that means that for all eight rounds, you and your team should be able to rack up 1400+ points! 

Even with incredible luck and precision on your part, that groups you in the category of world-class professional dartist. So possible in count up darts, yes. 

And if you do get that score, then we do recommend that you take up darts competition to further hone your skills.

Still, if you can’t score that much, don’t worry about it. A big part of playing darts is its recreational benefits. You might not be able to get a perfect score in all rounds, but it’s a great way to pass the time and even improve your mental focus and motor skills. That’s still a massive win in our book. 

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Determining the Winner

The person or team who gets the highest scores after all the points have been tallied wins — it’s as simple and straightforward as that. 

A word of advice: Always aim for the bullseye to have consistently high points and to secure the winning title. 


Much like everything about the game, the rules of count up darts are pretty easy to understand.

  • It doesn’t matter who throws first; each player or team will still be given the same number of darts. To be more specific, each player or team will only be given three darts in every round.
  • Each dart throw will be scored and tallied unless it falls or bounces on the board. In this case, it will not earn a score.
  • If both teams have managed to score the same number of points with the same number of darts, then the winner for the game is awarded to whoever has played the highest total score. 

Tips When Playing Count Up Darts

Count up darts is a good introductory game that can vastly help you improve the precision of your aim as well as inspire you to develop your own throwing techniques. 

However, if you are playing a friendly competition (or maybe even one with stakes involved), then you might want to take note of these tips so you can bag that proverbial trophy. 

  1. It’s highly exaggerated how difficult it is to hit the Bull. You see, this area has quite a considerable area, at least compared to a double or triple segment. This means that if you consistently aim and hit the Bull, you will be able to score well just as consistently too. In every round, try to hit this at least once to earn a high score. 
  2. If you haven’t perfected your throw and your technique yet and feel that hitting the bullseye is too tall an order, then aim for the 19-7-16 area instead. This is the segment to the southwest of the dartboard. If you manage to hit these areas in every round, then you will have no need for the bullseye or a triple combo to get a high score. 
  3. As with any game in the world of darts, always make sure to confirm your throw first before sending your dart flying in the air. Remember, you only get three darts for every round. Use these wisely and make sure that each throw contributes significantly to your game as a whole. 
  4. Always aim to get a minimum of 63 points for every round. This leaves you with 500 points at the end of the game, likely securing your victory. 

Being adept at darts requires technique, a basic understanding of the physics involved in the game, and sheer luck. Wherever you may be in the mastery of the game, count up darts can help you hone your technique and ensure that you have fun while doing so.

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