7 Best Dartboard Stands Reviewed in Detail (2024 Update)

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Dartboards are typically mounted on walls to ensure stability and optimum play. However, you’re probably here because, at some point, you might have asked, “Is there any way to have a dartboard at home without mounting it?

Whether this is a matter of tenancy restrictions, your hesitance to drill holes on your wall, or simply because you want a portable dartboard that you can bring with you wherever you want, it sounds like you’re going to need a dartboard stand.

To help you choose the best one, I have rounded up the best dartboard stands in the market today — get to know each one in my review below.

1Unicorn Pro Dartmate 2 By Unicorn Darts
Editor’s Choice
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2Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet
Best Complete Set
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3Winmau Xtreme Freestanding Dartboard Unit
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4Unicorn Dartmate Tri-Stand Portable Dartboard Stand
Best For Outdoor
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5GRAN Darts Portable Tripod Dart Board Stand Board 3
Great Value
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6Darts Master Dartboard Stand
Easiest To Set-Up
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7Gorilla Stands Unisex’s Arrow PRO Dartboard Stand
Best Adjustable Option
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Top 7 Dartboard Stand Recommendations

1. Unicorn Pro Dartmate 2 By Unicorn Darts – Editor’s Choice

Unicorn Pro Dartmate 2

If you want to get your money’s worth, then buying Unicorn Pro Dartmate 2 is undoubtedly a good choice. The number of accessories in its inclusions alone ensures that you get the biggest bang for your buck. 

By buying one, you will get an oche attachment, a portable scoreboard, push pin locking, and a score marker pen, and a wiper. 

Of course, the number of inclusions alone may not convince discerning buyers such as yourself. It’s good news then that the Unicorn Pro Dartmate is just as functional too. 

In fact, a lot of pro dart players agree that it does an impressive job of supporting the dartboard, keeping it stable, and holding it at regulation height. It is made out of steel, so you won’t have to worry about its durability and stability too. 

Although the common complaint is that the installation of the said stand does not come with comprehensive instructions, getting Unicorn Pro Dartmate 2 comes equipped with installation and mounting hardware, and setting it up is quick and easy. 

You only have to spare a few minutes of mounting your dartboard to it, and you’ll be ready to play in no time. 


  • The Unicorn Pro Dartmate 2’s adherence to standard regulations makes it a good choice for pro players. 
  • Although it doesn’t come with complete instructions, installing the stand is pretty quick and easy. 
  • The number of extra accessories that come with the purchase of a stand is a huge bonus. 
  • The steel material of the dartboard stand offers stability and durability, and even then, it comes with a one-year warranty. 


  • The lack of installation instructions may put off some buyers. 
  • Because it is made of steel, it can be quite heavy to move around. 

2. Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet – Best Complete Set

Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet

This next choice is perhaps more than just a dartboard stand, but a whole dartboard cabinet by itself. The reputable brand, Hathaway, has designed the Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet to be the full package already.

So if you’re looking for a complete upgrade to your dart set (or are looking for a complete dart set without having to buy each item individually), then this might be the best choice for you. It comes equipped with an electronic dartboard, a cabinet that you can install it in, and soft tip darts.

Talk about the full package, right? The Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard comes with everything that can set you up for a good game of darts. All you have to do is to get it ready, and you can play away to your heart’s content.

The electronic dartboard that it comes with is impressive enough by itself too. With it, you can enjoy up to 25 different games at a whopping 80 variations. It also has sound effects and voice features to give you the best experience that darting technology can offer.

Although the cabinet looks sturdy enough by itself, you also have the option to mount it on your wall for added security and stability. It also has two shelves where you can store all of your other darting sports accessories.


  • It is the complete package — from the cabinet itself down to the electronic dartboard and soft tip darts. 
  • Hathaway’s Centerpoint Cabinet can also be mounted on the wall to lend you added security and stability. 
  • There’s extra storage in the cabinet that you can use to safe-keep your darts and other accessories. 
  • The electronic dartboard that it comes with is impressive with its voice and sound features and with plenty of game variations too. 


  • The price is a bit steep, but this is still completely justified though.
  • Once you’ve set it up, you’ll be hard-pressed to move it around.

3. Winmau Xtreme Freestanding Dartboard Unit – All-Rounder

Winmau Xtreme Freestanding Dartboard Unit

You’ve probably heard of (and maybe even own) items from Winmau, one of the most reputable brands in the darting sports industry. So if you’re looking for the best of the best, then you’re not going to go wrong by choosing one of its dartboard stands too.

From its design, functionality, and quality — the Winmau Xtreme Freestanding Dartboard Unit is a solid choice for players like yourself.

It is collapsible, making it easy to move around as you please or even hide away when not in use. Plus, you can easily adjust its height according to your preference.

Doing this is as simple as unscrewing its lock, adjusting them to your preferred height, and then locking the screw back into place.

The stand itself weighs 16 pounds, a lightweight design that lends to its portability. But despite this, the Winmau Xtreme Freestanding Dartboard Unit with its 4 legs is stable and built to last a long time.


  • Winmau is known for its reliable and durable products, and you can expect this stand to live up to its brand expectations too. 
  • It is designed to be enduring, so you don’t have to worry about knocking your dartboard back with a particularly hard hit. 
  • You can collapse it easily, making it both portable and easy to hide away when not in use. 
  • You can adjust its height and secure it back in place with a screw. 


  • This is mostly used exclusively for bristle boards and can be pretty difficult to mount electronic ones. 
  • Assembly and adjusting it to your preferred height may take some time. 

4. Unicorn Dartmate Tri-Stand Portable Dartboard Stand – Best For Outdoor

Unicorn Dartmate Tri-Stand Portable Dartboard Stand

Next on my list is the portable and sturdy Unicorn Dartmate Tri-Stand. Although it may only stand on 3 legs, this is an exceptionally sturdy dartboard stand.

Its simple design with its portability and the ability to be collapsed easily makes it the perfect outdoor companion if you want recreational activities when you go camping and the like.

Further, its robust construction and quality make it incredibly sturdy and stable. However, there is still, of course, the rare possibility of knocking your dartboard back when you play.

Much like a camera tripod, you can fold and unfold the Unicorn Dartmate Tri-Stand in just a single maneuver. The lightweight frame may be folded in seconds but is very sturdy too. So no matter how you may rough it out outdoors, you can depend on this product’s reliability.

Overall, this is a no-frills dartboard stand that is both functional and affordable. You can erect this anywhere, and it can stand firmly, thanks to its metal brackets.


  • The assembly of the Unicorn Dartmate Tri-Stand is quick and easy, taking you only a few seconds to get it to stand up. 
  • It is a one-size-fits-all dartboard stand, so you don’t have to buy a new unit with this. 
  • It’s pretty cheap, too — this is a no-frills dartboard stand that is affordable and functional. 
  • Players who have used this stand can attest to its durability and portability, especially when used outdoors. 


  • There is no backboard nor scoreboard included with your purchase, so you may have to buy these separately if you want them. 
  • The tripod design could be more stable and less prone to being knocked over.

5. GRAN Darts Portable Tripod Dart Board Stand Board 3 – Best Value For Your Money

GRAN Darts Portable Tripod Dart Board Stand Board 3

The product from Gran is probably one of the best-value products in the dartboard stands market today.

It is built to be extremely lightweight, with a total of only 3.5 pounds. This means that if you’re looking for a dartboard that you can quickly move around, then this may be the best portable option for you.

But don’t be put off with how light this dartboard stand is. It is made out of steel, which makes it robust and durable, and it stands on 3 legs, similar to the Unicorn Dartmate Tri-Stand.

Admittedly, this design choice by the manufacturer has been met with criticism because the stand can be quite wobbly.

But still, it does a pretty good job of supporting both bristle boards and electronic dartboards, so for the price that it comes in, there’s really not much to complain about.

Overall, this dartboard tripod is one of the most affordable stands that you can find in the market today. It does its job of supporting your dartboard and allowing you to take your game anywhere without the hassle of transporting a heavy stand.


  • One of its biggest appeals is its price point, so you get the most bang out of your buck with the Gran Darts Portable Tripod. 
  • It’s super lightweight, weighing only 3.5 pounds. 
  • It is made out of robust and durable steel, so if well taken care of, you can expect to use this stand for many years to come. 
  • It is portable and can easily be assembled in just a few seconds. 


  • The stability of the tripod is not guaranteed — it can be a bit wobbly at times. 
  • It is extremely lightweight, so it’s prone to be knocked over during particularly hard hits. 

6. Darts Master Dartboard Stand – Easiest To Set-Up

Darts Master Dartboard Stand

My top pick for the easiest dartboard stand to install is the Darts Master Dartboard Stand.

It is a reliable stand that is constructed out of lightweight steel. At only 7.72 pounds, this is a portable choice that you can take it anywhere you like and assemble without any further complications.

Adjusting and controlling its height is just as easy as well, allowing you to take game nights with friends and families anywhere you like.

You can use this dartboard stand with just about any type of dartboard, thanks to its universal mount bracket. This means that it can support both electronic dartboard and bristle board, whichever you may own. Either way, both can be installed within a few minutes on the stand.

But, similar to the reviews on most tripod models, the Darts Master Dartboard Stand is often given criticism on its stability. Admittedly it can be quite wobbly when you use it, especially on uneven terrain.

Still, its portability and price can be quite convincing and is best used by those who play the game recreationally. I can’t recommend this for pro players, though, as the quality of the game might be compromised due to its instability.


  • You can mount just about any type of dartboard on this stand, whether it’s a bristle board or an electronic dartboard. 
  • This is a great introduction to those who play darts recreationally and want to occasionally bring the game outdoors. 
  • It doesn’t require such a hefty investment so that anyone can buy this. 
  • It is lightweight and can be assembled within a matter of minutes. 


  • This is a very affordable unit, but you do get what you pay for. 
  • The stand can be quite wobbly, which can compromise your gaming experience. 

7. Gorilla Stands Unisex’s Arrow PRO Dartboard Stand – Best Adjustable Option

Gorilla Stands Unisex's Arrow PRO Dartboard Stand

Last on my top picks is the Gorilla Stand Arrow Pro Dartboard Stand. It is designed to be an adjustable tripod that stands at a 100cm to 173cm in height, is fully adjustable, and is easy to assemble.

The material used for this durable stand is a combination of steel, aluminum, and plastic. While these materials are commonly used in stands, what sets this option apart from all the other options in the market is that you can swivel and tilt its bracket.

This means that not only is the height-adjustable, but you can also move the board up to 360 degrees in any direction that you like.

What else makes the Gorilla Stand special? Its lifetime warranty does sounds, of course, makes it a safe choice for users. But I’m quite convinced that you won’t be needing that so much because of the durability of its materials and design.

Although, as with other tripod dartboard stands, there is a question of its stability when playing darts.


  • You can swivel and tilt the board at up to 360 degrees. 
  • It fits most dartboard types and can carry up to 20kg of whatever model of board that you may have. 
  • The height is adjustable from 100cm to 173 cm. 
  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty, so you can enjoy this stand for many years to come. 


  • It isn’t as stable as other dartboard stands because of its tripod design. 
  • It doesn’t come with complete instructions in the package, so it might take some users to get the hang of adjusting it.

Things to Consider When Buying A Dartboard Stand 

A dartboard stand can help you bypass all other issues you may have about committing to a mounted dartboard on your wall. However, with the sheer volume of dartboard stands offered in the market today, choosing just one can be a daunting process. 

So if you’re on the lookout for a quality piece, here are some important features that you might want to consider: 

1. Material

Aluminum and steel are two of the most common materials used for dartboard stands. Aluminum ones are typically lighter and more portable, but they may not be as stable, especially when used outdoors.

Steel dartboard stands, on the other hand, are heavier, but they are more solid and less prone to wobbles.

There are also some products that feature plastic materials, but they may not be as hardwearing as aluminum and steel.

Choosing the material for your stand typically depends on how you intend to use your stand and where you will use your dartboard stand. If you prefer a good game of darts outdoors, then a steel one, such as the Unicorn Pro Dartmate 2, could be the best choice for you.

2. Type 

The dartboard stands available on the market are usually of two types.

  1. Freestanding
  2. Self-standing

Self-standing ones are convenient and can be easily brought outdoors. Players choose it for the main purpose of portability.

Freestanding dartboard stands, on the other hand, are more stable, but you will be hard-pressed to move them around.

If you plan on playing outdoors, you should opt for a self-standing stand. However, before you buy one, be sure to check the material to confirm that it can withstand harsh weather conditions.

3. Weight & Portability

When we talk of portability, naturally, the discussion of the stand’s weight comes into the conversation.

Note that if you want portability, this doesn’t mean that you should choose the lightest one available in the market. The lighter the product is, the more easily they can be knocked over, after all.

Portable dartboard stands typically weigh from 3 to 6 pounds. Stands that are significantly lighter than this range may be less sturdy, while those that are a lot heavier may no longer be as easy to carry outdoors.

So what’s a lightweight stand that is just as stable? The Gran Darts Portable Tripod Dartboard Stand, impressively lightweight at 3.5 pounds, shows promise in this regard. 

4. Compatibility & Mounting

When choosing a dartboard stand, perhaps one of the main considerations that you should take into account is its mounting capabilities. 

I recommend that you choose one that already has mounting hardware in its inclusions so that you don’t have to run around finding screws and bolts that match the stand’s requirements. 

Most of the products that I’ve mentioned in this list are one-size-fits-all stands that you can use. Plus, they are supplied with mounting accessories to facilitate the mounting process. 

5. Stability

Usually, the stability of a dartboard stand is often attributed to its materials and the number of legs that it stands on. Tripods, although wholly portable, may not be the best option if you want a stand that does not wobble. 

So if this is a make-or-break feature for you, then you might want to consider investing in the Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet. 

However, if you want the best of both worlds (portability and stability), then the Winmau Xtreme Freestanding Dartboard Unit with its 4 legs may be the right choice for you. 

6. Control on Height

The ability to control the height of your dartboard stand matters. You want to be able to adjust the height according to your preference for optimal play and ease of use.

You may purchase a stand that comes in a standard size, but it’s best to choose one that allows you to lengthen or shorten its legs. Get one with lock knobs in its features so you can adjust the height and tilt the face of your board as you please.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Best Dartboard Stand? 

The Unicorn Pro Dartmate 2 has all the features that you might want in a quality dartboard stand. It is portable, durable, and provides great stability while playing. Moreover, it is equipped with a number of useful accessories.

My personal experience with it goes back almost a year now, and so far, nothing has gone wrong. It may come at a more substantial price compared to others, but this is still worth every penny. 

2. Is it Possible to Mount Electronic Dartboards on a Stand? 

Yes, it’s possible. Although plenty of dartboard stands only support bristle boards, there are some options available that support electronic dartboards as well. Therefore, when choosing a dartboard stand, make sure that it is compatible with the type of dartboard you own.

3. How to Make a DIY Portable Dartboard Stand? 

Thinking about making your own portable stand? There is a myriad of tutorials available for you online. Most might recommend a wooden dartboard stand, but that can be a challenge in terms of portability. 

So, I recommend upcycling an old speaker stand instead. You might then use a TV bracket and screws to secure your dartboard in place. This gives you a lightweight, durable, and portable stand for your next game night. 

Just be sure to factor in the actual weight of your dartboard so that you can choose a stand that won’t easily break or bend over time. 

Final Words

With so many options available, it can be quite daunting to choose just one dartboard stand. You have to consider the material, decide on whether you want a portable stand or not, find out if your stand is compatible with your dartboard, etc. 

With that said, whatever dartboard stand you may eventually decide to buy, I hope that this guide has helped narrow down the choices for you. 

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