The 7 Best Dart Throw Line For The Money (2024 Update)

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Those who play darts seriously know how important dart throw lines are. They take guesswork off the table by marking the spot where you need to stand when you throw your darts. With it, you can ensure fairness in the competition without taking away the fun from the game.

Of course, any good dart throw line will be able to mark the regulation-based distance from the board and where you need to stand. What sets the best ones apart from all other products in the market, however, are their design, durability, and versatility.

In this guide, I explain the different types of dart throw lines that you can choose from, what you need to consider when you’re buying one, and a list of my recommendations for the best dart throw lines in the market today.

1Winmau Sight Right Perfect Dart Vision
Editor’s Choice
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2Winmau New Laser Oche Marker
Portable Laser Option
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3Viper by GLD Products Laser Throw Line Marker
Best Design
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4Hathaway Precision Laser Throw Line Marker
Ensures Precision
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5Accudart Lazer Toe Line
Budget Friendly
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6Viper Edge Dart Throw Line Marker
Easiest to Install
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7Fat Cat “The Bull Starts Here” Toe Line Marker
Adjustable Sticker Marker
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7 Of The Best Dart Throw Lines Reviewed

1. Winmau Sight Right Perfect Dart Vision – Editor’s Choice

Winmau Sight Right Perfect Dart Vision

This is a handy gadget that not only marks the correct distance of where you should stand but also helps you find the optimum position for a successful throw. It does so by lining your body to the center of the bull, so you have better chances of hitting it.

Users (including me) have raved about how this product has helped them improve their accuracy and reducing their blocked doubles.

It also features marks for double 10 and double 16 so that you can always find the dead center of the board and significantly improve your performance during the game.

So, if you want a gadget that does more than just tell you the correct distance from where to stand, this could be the perfect product for you. This is a unique throw line product that also functions as a training aid.


  • It marks the correct distance from where you should throw, plus identifies the optimum position for your body so you can improve your accuracy. 
  • It helps correct your stance when you play. 
  • It is made out of sturdy materials. 
  • Essentially, it offers a great value for your money. 


  • At 23.62×10.63×1.57 inches, it is considered as quite big for some players with limited space. 

2. Winmau New Laser Oche Marker – Best Portable Laser Option

Winmau New Laser Oche Marker

If your space is quite limited or you simply don’t want a full-sized throw line, then the Winmau New Laser Oche is for you. At 3.5×2.5×1 inches, it is small, portable, and compact—the perfect gadget to bring with you anywhere.

It projects a beam of light that I found to be clear and easy to adjust. In particular, one of the things that I like about this product is that it can be used even in daylight. Although it admittedly works best in low light conditions, this is still considered an impressive feat.

It provides great value for your money, too, especially in comparison to other alternative throw lines in the market. Overall, this product is just as good as any other throw line marker out there. However, what sets it apart is its size and portability.


  • The laser light is still visible even in daylight. 
  • You can bring this with you anywhere, thanks to its compact size. 
  • It can easily be mounted on your wall or in your dartboard cabinet. 
  • It is a convenient alternative to other throw line products. 


  • It requires batteries in order to operate.
  • To prevent the laser from moving, you have to be careful not to bump or move it once you have set it up. 

3. Viper by GLD Products Laser Throw Line Marker – The Best Design

Viper by GLD Products Laser Throw Line Marker

Next on my list is one of GLD Products’ state-of-the-art laser beam toe lines: the Viper Laser Throw/Toe Line Marker. Its elegant and modern design makes it a great addition to any game room.

Not to mention, because it is a laser device, it eliminates the possibility of you slipping on a toe line when you play. It produces bright and energy-efficient lighting so that you won’t have a problem minding your throw line even in intense daylight.

You can simply mount this near your board at a vertical angle and play without any physical obstruction. This can be secured on your wall with 2 screws to keep it from getting bumped or moved while you play.

This gadget has a cordless design, and you can power it with 4 AA batteries. It can be adjusted based on the throwing distance of your game and is highly visible on just about any surface.


  • It produces a bright beam of light that is still visible even in intense daylight. 
  • Because it is energy-efficient, you won’t have to replace the batteries as often.
  • It is sleek and cordless by design. 
  • It works well on just about any surface, so you won’t have a hard time locating your toe line.


  • Adjusting the lights to the correct distance can take some time. 
  • You have to be careful not to bump the device once you’ve set it up so you can maintain the correct distance that is parallel to your dartboard. 

4. Hathaway Precision Laser Throw Line Marker – Best in Ensuring Precision

Hathaway Precision Laser Throw/Toe Line Marker

This is an easy-to-install laser throw line made by the reputable company Hathaway. Its compact size can be easily mounted inside your dartboard cabinet, on the backboard, or the wall.

This throw line marker offers unparalleled precision, thanks to its built-in bubble level. This feature ensures consistently straight and parallel laser lines whenever you play.

It also comes with sturdy mounting screws to keep it from shifting your toe line. You simply have to position the laser depending on your preferred distance and then tighten the screws to keep it from moving.

The laser itself is able to log up to 20,000 hours of play. You just need 2 AAA batteries to power it.

At 4.75×1.5 inches, this gadget can easily be moved wherever you want to play—even outdoors. For those of you who are looking for a portable option, this could be something worth checking out.


  • It is easy to install with the help of the screws that it comes with. 
  • It is energy-efficient and can log up to 20,000 playing hours. 
  • It has a built-in bubble level to ensure unparalleled precision.
  • You can bring this wherever you wish to play. 


  • The price can be a bit steep. 
  • The beam can be difficult to spot when played outdoors in direct sunlight. 

5. Accudart Lazer Toe Line – The Best Budget Option

Accudart Lazer Toe Line

This laser gadget is a great option for budget-savvy dart players out there. So, if you’re looking for a straightforward laser throw line, then consider getting the Accudart Lazer toe line.

It runs on batteries, but it promises energy efficiency, so you won’t have to constantly replace the batteries.

It is highly visible on just about any surface and within a range of available lighting. Although, as with most laser options, this works best in a room with low lighting conditions.

Perhaps one of the downsides to this product is that it can be quite bulky. At 17.526×11.938 cm, it can be too big for some dartboard cabinets.

If you have the space for it and prefer a cheaper laser throw line, then this could be just what you’re looking for. Despite its downsides, this is still pretty reliable.


  • It is an excellent option for players who are on a budget. 
  • It is energy-efficient and has a decent battery life. 
  • The beams are visible, especially in low lighting conditions. 
  • The device can be mounted securely in place. 


  • It’s pretty big and cannot fit in some dartboard cabinets. 
  • It usually requires readjustment every time you play.

6. Viper Edge Dart Throw Line Marker – Easiest to Install

Viper Edge Dart Throw Line Marker

Another of my top choice from the Viper line is the Edge Dart Throw Line Marker. One of its main selling points is the eases with which it can be installed.

Basically, you just have to strip the cover from its adhesive and then stick it securely on your floor—it’s as easy as that. This is perfect for those who have a permanent darting space in their homes or in the pub.


  • The adhesive is quite strong, so it won’t easily move. 
  • The graphics are bright and can easily be seen. 
  • The product itself is sturdy and can last a long time. 
  • It is very affordable.


  • The adhesive loses its grip if you keep on moving it around.
  • It requires you to have a permanent darting space in your home or commercial space. 

7. Fat Cat “The Bull Starts Here” Toe Line Marker – Adjustable Sticker Throw Line Marker

Fat Cat "The Bull Starts Here" Toe Line Marker

Much like the Viper Edge marker, this is a simple and easy-to-install toe line marker too. You just have to peel away the strip covering the adhesive and stick this on the floor.

What I particularly like about this product is that it comes with an axis rectifier scale that lets you adjust the position of the marker based on your gear.


  • The design is bright and highly visible. 
  • The adhesive is strong. 
  • It is adjustable, so you can change the distance based on the darting gear that you’ll be using. 
  • It’s easy to install: just measure and then stick it on the floor. 


  • It can be difficult to move once installed. 
  • It is best used if you have a designated darting space. 

What Type of Dart Throw Line Should You Choose? 

There are three types of dart throw lines that you can choose from: dart mats, sticker throw lines, and laser throw lines. Each of these have their benefits and drawbacks—let’s explore each below.

1. Sticker Throw Lines

The most basic and affordable option is the sticker throw lines. When it comes to installation and durability, these traditional markers are a solid choice. They are often brightly designed, so you can easily spot them even in a room with low light conditions.

However, the downside to this type of toe line marker is that you’ll have difficulty moving them around once installed. This means that you will need a designated spot to play darts, and you have to be sure that your measurements are correct before you stick them on the floor.

2. Laser Throw Lines

For tech-savvy dart players, the laser throw line is perhaps the most tempting choice. And these days, there are plenty of options with bright, highly visible beams.

They are often easy to set up and come with installation hardware. The features include preset distances for soft tip and steel tip darts, so you won’t have to keep on moving the device.

What I particularly like about laser throw lines is their portability and versatility.

They usually come in compact packages, so you can bring them wherever you feel like playing darts (even outdoors). However, you can also choose to keep them mounted on your dartboard cabinets or on the walls for maximum convenience.

The only downside that I have noticed in most laser oche is that they are quite sensitive to bumps and movements. You’ll have to realign them at the slightest change in angle.

3. Dart Mats

If you can’t commit to sticker or laser throw lines, then dart mats might be the right choice. These are pre-marked mats that you can simply roll out whenever you want to play darts.

They work great in protecting your flooring and your equipment in the event of bounce-outs. Some are even equipped to provide cushions so you can be comfortable when you play.

There is only one downside to this type of marker, namely its price.

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Things to Consider When Buying Dart Throw Line 

If you’re serious about improving your skills as a darts player, then you’re going to need a dart throw line. It marks where you should be standing when you play, ensuring accuracy and fairness in a friendly and not-so-friendly competition.

As straightforward as the purpose of dart lines may be, there are certain factors that elevate some products from others in the market. If you’re on the lookout for the best possible value for your money, make sure to take the following into consideration:

1. Mounting

The first thing that you should consider is the ease of setting up your throw lines. For the most part, sticker throw lines are the easiest to install—but only after you have manually measured the correct distance from the dartboard.

It leaves zero to little room for mounting error, though. Once you stick them on the floor, the adhesive can lose its grip if you move it a 2nd or 3rd time.

Laser toe lines, on the other hand, may require hardware for mounting, and this in itself can be intimidating for some. However, they already come with preset distance, so you won’t have to worry about manually measuring the distance after.

2. Usage

This is another important factor to consider when choosing your dart throw line. Sticker throw lines—because they are immovable—are best used for designated spaces. This means that it may be used in game rooms or pubs with darting corners in them.

Laser ones, on the other hand, can be used just about anywhere—even outdoors. You just have to make sure that you choose one that can be visible even under intense daylight, such as the Winmau New Laser Oche Marker.

3. Look

Of course, it is important to consider the aesthetic value of your chosen throw line too. However, choosing one is heavily based on your personal preferences.

Most laser oche come in sleek and modern designs. Not to mention, they lend a certain sophisticated vibe when lit too. Throwline stickers, on the other hand, demand attention with their vibrant colors and bold designs.

To Conclude

Your choice for dart throw line will ultimately be up to your preferences. However, I hope that this guide has helped you identify the factors that you need to consider when choosing one.

Be sure to note the ease with which the oche will be mounted, where you will be using it, and what your aesthetic preferences are. Identifying these ahead will help narrow down your options so you can choose one that is best suited for you.

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