The 8 Best Darts Scoring Apps (2024 Update)

Competitive dart playing is taking the world by storm. What once was just a hobby or something to pass the time is now one of the biggest sporting events in the world.

The standard scoring for darts is; players start with a score of 501; after every turn, the accumulated score of the round is then deducted from the base score of 501, first to zero wins.

The use of dart scoreboards is almost as old as the game of darts itself. In this new day and age, dart scoreboard apps have been developed and are advertised as “the new way of scoring darts.” Let’s take a look at some of these apps.

8 Of The Best Dart Scoring Apps Reviewed

1. Dart Scores

Screenshots of Dart Scores App

An app developed by Joris Dijkstra, has a fairly simple interface that utilizes a slightly large font to be easy on the eyes. You won’t even notice that there are ads even if you don’t upgrade to the ad-free version.

There are three options of upgrading the app; to Remove Ads, the Game Extender, which lets you add up to 6 players, and it also adds a 1001 game type instead of the standard 501; the last upgrade is called the Data Upgrade, which saves all previous games so you can look back on them.

This app is pretty useful and doesn’t try to do too much. It has a simple, elegant interface, and the transitions between options are smooth as a newly sanded tabletop. This app does almost everything right for an application that takes up so little storage space.

2. Darts Scorekeeper

Vincent Roest developed this app with the thought of the little cabinet which covers the dart boards in bars. The background of the whole interface looks like wood, and I have to admit, it’s easy on the eyes.

There are 4 game variants; x01 is just a round of standard darts, Cricket which has a goal of being the first player to open or close all the cricket numbers and have a higher or even point total.

The scoring seems like the real thing with a board and some chalk; it even has a cute font, so it’s easy to look at. When typing the scores, it feels a bit clunky and seems like it has a slight delay to it.

Overall, it’s a solid choice for a dart scoreboard app. It doesn’t put out-of-place gimmicks in the mix. It does its job and does it fairly well.

3. Easy Darts Score

Screenshots of Easy Darts Score App

Easy Darts Score is one of the smoothest dart scoreboard applications out there. The interface takes up the entire phone screen but fits perfectly.

Very straightforward, just a standard game of darts. You may add up to 4 players and adjust the number of legs to win, make it a long game for the night or a short game just to pass the time.

The only limitation here is the delay of scoring since the deducted score flashes and takes up the whole screen; it adds a 1-2 second delay to gameplay. A slight limitation, but some users are very particular when it comes to the apps they install on their mobile phones.

There’s only one upgraded version, and that just for removing ads. However, the ads don’t always pop up on the screen; the ad pop-up is near non-existent, so the upgrade is just for users who want the security of there being no ads to disrupt their games.

4. Darts ScoreBoard

An app developed by Deucks Pty Ltd. This app is as straightforward as can be, no-nonsense, just straight input the players’ names, then start playing.

The interface can be pretty confusing since there is no button to add the score. Players have to figure it out by clicking on buttons to know how to deduct their scores.

The ads on this app are more noticeable than most dart scoreboard apps. If you click on options such as; end game or main menu, a video ad pops up automatically.

Another downside to the Darts ScoreBoard app is that there’s a limit of only two players who can play at a time. Also, there are no 4 or 6 player options.

The good thing is that the interface doesn’t have clashing colors, making it easy to look at. The colors are kind of vibrant and lively. Also, sometimes players just like the straightforward approach that the Darts ScoreBoard app offers.

5. Dart Counter

Screenshots of Dart Counter App

From the start-up of the app, it already asks the preferred language of the user. There is an option to create an account or log in if the user already has an account. This is to track progress and improvement of the player’s skill.

Certain gimmicks like tutorials on how to use the app can be considered a plus by some users. But most users just want to be able to use the app straight away. Not to worry, there is an option of exiting the tutorials and going straight to using the app.

There are six game style variations; Standard Match, Cricket, Singles Training, Doubles Training, Bob’s 27, and Score Training.

This app would be handy for novice players who want to train their skills before entering into a competition. Dart Counter has a free version that includes ads. The ads on this app are not as prominent as most free apps have.

6. Darts Score Board Lite

An impressive and easy-to-use app by developer Michael Chernikov. Upon opening the app, it takes you straight to a dartboard, and all you have to do is drag your finger across the screen to the place where you landed in the real world, and it will automatically calculate the scores for you.

The app has a simplicity to it that most users will appreciate and want to come back to. It also has an options interface that will feel very familiar to iOS product users because it is coded to look exactly like it. Users of any and all ages will find this app to be extremely useful during small dart competitions.

7. Darts Scorer 180

Screenshots of Darts Scorer 180 App

Developed by Pawel Sas, Darts Scorer 180 is one of the most visually appealing dart scoreboard apps on the market as of today.

The cool colors of the interface match well with the black font color of the text. Also, there are many different options to choose from when it comes to interface customization.

The different game variations are; x01, which is just a standard game, Cricket, and Training. During gameplay, when adding scores, the buttons seem to have a slight delay, but most users won’t even notice it. The button interface looks like that of a calculator, very familiar and easy to understand.

There is an upgrade available for the app, which has; no ads, unlimited dart bot games, and all future pro features. The price for the upgrade is fairly low and has two options; monthly or annual payments, which is very convenient for most users.

All in all, the Darts Scorer 180 is a good-looking app with smooth controls that can be used by all types of darts players.

8. MyDarts

MyDarts, developed by Sami Ramo, is a dart scoreboard app that has all the basics. The minimalist type main menu shows all that needs to be shown upon opening the app.

There are five game variations; Practice, 501, 301, 201, and Cricket. No visual lagging when inputting the numbers, and the result of the deduction is instantaneous.

The interface during scoring looks refreshing thanks to the cool colors that complement the white background very nicely. MyDarts also has the feature to save the data and statistics from your practice game, and you can use this as a basis on how to improve your dart game.

Real Dart Scoreboard vs. Dart Scoreboard App

Considering to use a real dart scoreboard equally depends on who’s playing and if they want to go the traditional route, which is most of the time more favorable. Although, the usage of apps for anything these days has been growing, which also means more people want to use an app for dart scoring as well.

The results are instant, and there’s no need to do mathematics; the appeal to most people is certainly there.

There is something about the traditional dart scoreboard that just screams fun. It may be because the use of a mobile phone isn’t required. Thus, no distractions and no outside forces coming in to ruin the game or put it on pause while your buddy checks his/her notifications.

There is no concrete reason for opting to use a traditional scoreboard over an app but think of it this way. The game of darts has been around for a very long time, and you wouldn’t want to sully its good name by stopping it to type some stuff on your phone, right?

In conclusion, using a traditional dart scoreboard or an app version of it will depend on the players. If they find it more convenient to use an app, they can, but a few old heads would disagree with them and want to use the traditional style of dart scoring.

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