STIGA Master Series ST3100 Review (2024 Edition)

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We know you love the game, and that is why you are here for a better table! If you are looking for a budget table with a splendid bounce and a one which can last tough competitions, then the STIGA ST3100 is the perfect choice you can make. It comes from the STIGA’s master series range and is a comparatively inexpensive one in its category. All that we are going to do is talk about this beauty in this discussion!

Quick Overview

STIGA Master Series ST3100
Source: Dick’s Sporting Goods

So many good things to like about this ping pong table! The STIGA ST3100 competition indoor table tennis table is exclusively made for beginner to intermediate level players who want to have an outstanding experience for the amount of money they spend. The high-quality construction of STIGA ST 3100 and the detailed finishing of this table is what keeps it at the top of its category.

We are not going to be biased! We think presenting both sides of the picture is equally important, which is why we are going to point out the pros and cons of this table first. Following are the Pros and Cons of the table. Please read them closely before you jump to the next sections.


  • No More Chasing the Ball: Extra ball storage capacity.
  • Durable Frame: Thick frame for better stabilization and rigid support.
  • Looks Matter: Stylish outlook for a professional appearance.
  • Space Saver: Foldable for convenient storage.
  • Portability: Large wheels make moving easy.
  • Play with Yourself: Can be folded for solo training in playback mode. 


  • Net: It is not of very high quality.
  • Complicated Setup: Assembly takes a lot of time and is complex.

Let’s Dive Into the Details

With having so many options in the market, being a cheap table is not the only factor that attracts ping pong lovers. In today’s article, we are going to discuss the features, other than being cheap, of this table that makes it the best option to buy.

Table Composition

The playing surface of the STIGA ST3100 table is fitted upon a steel-reinforced frame that stabilizes the table overall. It is having a 3/4-inch top, made with durable medium-density fibreboard material, which is also coated with silkscreen stripping for extended endurance. The thickness of the playing surface is mind-blowing and is calculated to be 19 mm.

The minimum thickness recorded in this category is 15mm, so the players who want to play pretty well can keep this table in their consideration. This table provides 9 feet by 5 feet regulation size with a very quick and responsive ball bounce.


After the initial setup of the stable, the angle brackets allow you to lock the table single-handedly. Even if you are a single person at home, you do not require the help of any other person to come and fold the table for you. This table can be folded, but two halves of the table cannot be moved separately. This folding feature makes it possible to be kept away when not required.

Ball Storage

If you are having a solo training practice at home or even if only two people are having a tournament at home, then you might want to save yourself the pain of picking the ball every time it goes away from the player. For such ease, this table is your best option because it can hold up to 12 balls on each side, which makes up 24 balls in total.

The other tables of this category can only hold up to four balls in total. Now you do not have to chase the balls around your room or to balance them on a side table nearby, but you can easily just throw them in the ball containing apron of this table.

Single-Player Option

The convenient playback mode of this table allows you to play ping pong individually without a partner. If there is a tournament coming ahead and you want to train yourself for that, then one side of the table can be made vertically up to be played against as you play against a wall.

This way, you can dramatically improve your table tennis skills and practice playing table tennis in your own time without having a partner to play with.

Stabilizing Features

The STIGA ST3100 table has 2-inch-thick stabilizing legs, which support the table amazingly. After the Assembly of the table is done and the wheels are locked, there is no flimsy movement in the table while you are playing.

Apart from only having 2-inch-thick stabilizing legs, there is a heavy-duty 2-inch apron that goes around the entire table to keep it firm during aggressive plays. You can do all the smashing on this table without the slightest movement by the table.

Stylish Outlook

The STIGA ST3100 table is made up of high-quality construction material with a very stylish look of black and white colors. The detailed, shiny, and glossy look of this table is what attracts the customers a lot. It looks like a very world-class table by its looks in such an affordable price category.

Easy to Move Around

The STIGA ST3100 table tennis table has 3-inch casters, which are not provided by any other table of this category. This feature makes this table comparatively easy to roll over many surfaces such as carpets etc. You can also roll the table for playing and then roll it back to its storage location when not in use hence giving you a multi-purpose place in your room.

But Not So Easy to Assembly

Unlike the most basic ping pong tables, which are ready to play as soon as they arrive at your doorstep, this table is a bit advanced and requires over 20 steps for it to be fully assembled and made ready to be played upon.

It is a time-consuming process and might be disliked by many of the customers, but this complexity is what makes this stable an advanced master category table. Once the initial setup of the table is done, it is very easy to be stored at any minimal storage capacity location.

Once the Assembly of the table is done and it is ready to be stored, it becomes about a size of 60″ x 30 “x 62” as compared to a size of 108″ x 60″ x 30″ that it is in playing position.

Pricing and Customer Satisfaction

A top-notch quality table with having so many features at such a low price is what makes the reputation of the STIGA ST3100 table a remarkable one in the industry. When compared to its competitors, the STIGA ST3100 provides features that are not there in the specifications list of the tables from other manufacturers of this category. This uniqueness makes which makes the STIGA ST3100 table a must to buy option.

This master series table is having thousands of 5-star reviews over the internet. Such positive feedback is insane. The STIGA company has always been trying to improve the quality of its products, and because of it, the quality of the STIGA ST3100 has never disappointed us. Moreover, not many brands respond to their customers on an immediate basis like Stiga.

STIGA ST3100 vs. STIGA Advantage

While the STIGA ST3100 table has to be assembled completely, the STIGA Advantage comes with 95% pre-assembled out of the box. The STIGA Advantage also allows an easy to attach and remove the net. Both the halves can be separated, unlike the STIGA ST 3100. This does not make the STIGA ST 3100 having some lack of features, but this is a choice for the customers to buy according to their requirements.

The STIGA Advantage comes in three different models as well. They are the STIGA Advantage light, the STIGA Advantage, and the STIGA Advantage Pro, with each having a set of improvements and features according to the requirement of their customers.

STIGA ST3100 vs. Prince Tournament 6800

With having the STIGA ST3100 discussed in detail above in the article, the Prince Tournament 6800 is a 110 pounds table from another well-reputed brand. It’s a durable, mobile, and robust table that comes with an easy to setup pre-assembled feature.

This table is also made of high-quality material with ball storage, but the storage is not as much as the STIGA ST3100. The surface quality of this table is pretty good, which gives a fantastic recreational play and makes it another good choice to buy with its own set of features.


Well, that would be all for now. Although the STIGA ST3100 is difficult to assemble, the heaviness of the product does not make it a low-quality one. The playing surface of the STIGA ST3100 provides a swift and uniform bounce. Features like having a ball apron and a playback function make it a must for solo training. It is also the right product for conducting a small tournament at your home.

The only thing it requires is patience during the process of assembly. But the manual of this table is very well defined, containing pictures and step-by-step procedures for installing the table, which can help you in the initial setup process. The overall components of this table are high quality and are built to last with excellent durability and stabilization.

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Bradley Anderson
Bradley Anderson
Bradley Anderson hails from the northwestern United States and brings nine years of professional table tennis experience to SportsDean. He began playing as a child in local table tennis leagues and continued playing through college, where he founded and coached his own players’ association, the Table Tennis Teamsters, in 2011.

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