Prince Tournament 6800 Review: Why It’s Actually Worth It

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Do you fancy table tennis? If so, choosing an appropriate and long-lasting table can be a bit of an ordeal. You cannot one day decide to get up and buy one. Many elements factor into purchasing a good table. Nevertheless, worry not, sit back, and read on as we introduce you to an indoor table tennis table that is sure to get your attention.

Quick Overview

Prince Tournament 6800 Indoor Table Tennis Table
Source: Dick’s Sporting Goods

Prince is a well-reputed brand that has been producing ping-pong tables for quite some time now. Its Prince Tournament 6800 is an indoor table tennis table that weighs 110 pounds, has it all, and it gives enough facility to boost up your ping pong skills and your game room.


  • Robust
  • All Accessories Included
  • Durable and Mobile
  • Ease of Set up
  • High-quality Material
  • Ball Storage
  • High-end Surface


  • Heavy
  • Lack of Height Adjustment Option
  • Surface Prone to Scratches

8 Things We Like About Prince Tournament 6800

1. Beautiful Design

It comes in a dark grey matte finish and has an elegant yet minimal design overall. Such a simple design allows you to find a spot for it wherever you desire rather quickly. It will enhance the entire look of your space and not be an eyesore.

Its other colors include silver grey legs, and its folding mechanism levers are all in black underneath the table. These combinations of shades give it a classy and modern look without making it appear too flashy.

2. Great Play Surface

The table is built with a very high-end MDF tabletop. The density of the tabletop is 18mm, and this number is the most appropriate thickness for an ideal table tennis table to have.

Most tables come with 16 or 15mm MDF thickness at most, and while that is adequate, it can cause warping.

This table’s density will empower you with a smooth and steady bounce surface, which is every player’s dream. This table comes with superior bounce quality and will amp up your games.

3. Foldability

Foldable Feature of Prince Tournament 6800

One of its top features is that it can effortlessly fold. This makes it extra stress-free for you to move it around. You can take it wherever you want as you are setting it up or stow it away once you are done playing.

These characteristics also lead to efficient storage. You do not have to fuss over where to find enough space to store it because its construction will save you loads of space. However, there is more. You can also fold one-half of the table if you so desire to be in the playback position, this will enable you to play solo with the table.

4. Net Inclusion

It comes with net and posts included, and what more can a ping-pong enthusiast ask for. It ensures that it meets all your needs once you decide to buy it, so you do not have to stress over having to buy its accessories separately.

However, let us talk more about the ease of usage. Once you successfully assemble your table and get the net done, too, you can forget all about it because you can leave it intact with the table. It will not budge or tear. You do not have to adjust your net every time you fold the table up.

5. Swivel Wheels

While we talk about mobility, there is more to this product. It has wheels that are three inches in diameter.

This will further make your task easier when you want to move the table; you do not have to break your back and lug it around, it does all the work for you with its great wheels.

Just choose where you want to place it.

Swivel Wheels in Prince Tournament 6800

It contains swivel wheels that come with their locking casters in place, allowing you to move this table as safely as possible. It also cons with buffer corners that keep you safe from any potential injuries.

6. Effortless Assembly

A significant aspect that often deters many from buying such tables is the complicated assembly process. You buy your product and cannot wait to play on it, but once the happiness of the purchase wears off, you now start dreading the setup, this part alone can have you stressed out.

Often even user manuals fail to explain these steps adequately as they heavily use jargon that is not easy to pick up. With this table, it comes fifty percent pre-assembled, which means two people can set it up in ninety minutes or less.

It already comes half-ready so you can start enjoying it without wasting hours. If you still face any difficulties with assembling, there is a detailed video tutorial available to guide you through the assembly process.

7. Apron and Legs

Now we come to its durability and sturdiness. Table tennis tables need to have solid aprons as they go below the surface and hold all the weight. This table has two-inch box steel aprons that can keep this table well.

Having strong legs is of the utmost importance. Apron and legs are crucial for a good table because they are holding it entirely. It has half an inch thick steel legs and horizontal crossbars. This trait increases the stability of the table in spades. Therefore, if you put some weight on it or lean over it, it will not collapse.

8. Pre-Drilled Holes and Clip Set

This table goes all the way by giving you the most out of your purchase. It comes with pre-drilled holes relieving you of all the mechanical work. You can set it up with the utmost ease.

It also comes with a clip set, and you save money on this aspect, too. Because you do not have to worry about the size or type of clips that would be suitable enough for the table, it has it all worked out.

Final Thoughts

You will always emerge victorious with such a grand product at the disposal that lets you hone your skills. With a strong foundation, exceptional bounce, ideal density, and accessories, it makes your games more pleasurable. And this table is an all-inclusive product that provides you with almost everything.

The only downside is the cost, considering the features and specifications. Other indoor tables such as Joola Inside offer much more for less price. You can read a detailed review of Joola Inside here.

If the price is not your concern, you can just go for it without any hesitation because this table is as good as they claim.

Bradley Anderson
Bradley Anderson
Bradley Anderson hails from the northwestern United States and brings nine years of professional table tennis experience to SportsDean. He began playing as a child in local table tennis leagues and continued playing through college, where he founded and coached his own players’ association, the Table Tennis Teamsters, in 2011.

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