Best Floating Table Tennis Table for Swimming Pool

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The floating table tennis table is a perfect table for those who dream about playing even when they are in swimming pools or the shower. This table lets you play inside swimming pools and moisture-saturated environments during hot summers.

A table that floats on water! Sounds silly, but it is true! Whether you want to have fun with your family or you want to organize a special pool ping pong tournament with your friends in hot summers, the floating table tennis table lets you have all that fun with guaranteed durability.

Quick Overview

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The table itself is super small and is much less space-consuming than a regular table. The table can also be utilized for setting up your drinks inside the pool. But most importantly, the materials used to build this table are highly non-corrosive in nature, which makes it perfect for humid or wet conditions.

The table tennis rackets are big, and the top of the table is made from a soft foam that lets the table float on water. The manufacturer also took care to engineer the table to remain stable over water so that you can enjoy all the ease and precision in your game.

The table is very easy to assemble and could be carried to any location without a lot of effort. However, the experience of the bounce of the ball might not be perfect. It is a stay-at-home enjoyment table and a must-buy item for the pool owners.


Unlike most of the tables, this one comes almost pre-assembled and is ready to be played on immediately. All you have to do is take the table out of the box, unfold the two-piece game base, flatten it up, install the net and jump along with it into the swimming pool to have all the fun you paid for.


The construction of the table is done in such a way that every single element of the table has been made waterproof. This allows the table to stay for long hours in the water. And as aforementioned, the table is lightweight, and it comes pre-assembled.

While you are playing the table tennis game, neither your rackets nor your balls will sink inside the water. This table can also be utilized for playing outside the water on hard surfaces, which we will talk about later in this article.

The size of the table is minimal, and it can be folded into one piece, making it very ideal for low storage. Also smart, from a storage point of view, because it allows you to keep it away in winters and take it out quickly for summers. 

The table can also be carried around to any place during a family trip or vacation so that it does not restrict you from confining your fun within your home just for your swimming pool.


As the table is made of foam, then you might as well figure out that the quality of the table is not of the high standard you can get. The bounce-over of the tabletop is also not a very great one, which makes the player uncomfortable, sometimes even distraught. 

The components of the floating table tennis table are made for water use, which also might not give some players a very great experience. The rackets are oversized, which also feels inconvenient to be held in the hands while playing. 

Well, these are all the sacrifices that you have to make if you want to play ping pong this way, and there’s no other way around.

Playing Experience

The main question that people ask about this table is whether the mistakenly dropped racket will go inside the water or not? Calm down; the production team took care of every small detail that might become a hurdle in your play. 

The rackets, the ball, and the table will remain afloat at all times. The oversized rackets add to the controlling of the shot. You might feel a bit unstable at the start because of the moving water, but as soon as you get used to this unique play inside the pool, you are surely going to love it.

How is it Different from Typical Tables?

The main difference comes in the size and weight. Apart from these two factors, the kind of play is also different. The rackets are oversized yet lightweight. The table separates into two halves, which fold into each other. The dimensions can get as low as 27 inches in width and 54 inches in length, which could be further folded for storage.

Can You Play on the Floor instead of the Water?

So many of you must be wondering about this! Keeping in mind the concerns of the customers, the manufacturer has made this table a flexible one, which can be used for playing on the hard floor as well. All you need to do is just take the floating table and put it on any hard surface. Once you have adjusted it to your particular terrain, you can play right away.

Final Words

If you want to buy this table just for having a little bit of fun inside the pool, then it is an excellent choice, but if you are looking to have a regular play of smashing balls inside the swimming pool, then this table might not help you. It is prevalent among children and is made for use at a pool party or a family vacation to have an exciting and fun take on table tennis.

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Bradley Anderson
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