Simonis 760 vs. 860 (Or 860HR): Which Is Right For You?

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The name ‘Simonis’ has always influenced the mind of pool table purchasers because of how credible the brand is. Pool table players have been trusting this brand for decades since most of its products have heart-pleasing qualities.

Simonis billiard cloths, in particular, have good enough qualities to crush the competition, which explains why Simonis cloths have remained the official table cloth for all the major league events.

Speaking of the company’s best pool cloth, the 760 and 860 pool table cloths are worth discussing because of all the hype surrounding them. On the surface, both the cloth types look the same. Even the product descriptions are similar.

But, there are many subtle differences between them that set the two table cloths apart from each other. While both the table cloths serve their intended purpose very well, any future shopper out there must know the difference between the two to not find fault in his/her purchase decision later.

Simonis 760

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The Simonis 760 is a high-end table cloth that looks and plays beautifully. It has the perfect look, thickness, and durability to it. Given how good the fabric is, this table cloth can provide a complete facelift to even a 30-year pool table. Not to mention that the fabric doesn’t get wrinkled with passing time.

As advertised, it also plays fast. The balls roll smoothly across the playing surface at a predictable pace. Basically, it provides the speed and roll that one would normally expect from a well-made table cloth of this nature. The felt is also the quickest around. In short, the Simonis 760 cloth has a lot of nice attributes to it. 

1. Material

This skillfully constructed table cloth is geared towards both casual and competitive players. As marketed, the Simonis 760 cloth has a higher wool content in it. It’s made from 70% (worsted) wool and 30% nylon. 

It’s engineered to deliver speed, which is a crucial factor for any professional-grade pool table. The best part is that it stays fast for life, meaning that the performance won’t degrade as the fabric ages, which speaks a lot about the cloth’s quality.

2. Speed

This table cloth makes use of worsted wool. So, it won’t pill like a regular woolen cloth. It also has optimal tread count in it to deliver a smooth, consistent, and accurate playing experience. The ball’s speed won’t get compromised at any cost. 

On the contrary, the worsted wool will enhance the ball’s speed and minimize the ball burns, leading to an enjoyable playtime. This should explain why Simonis 760 is the preferred table cloth for competitive pool tournaments.

3. Stretchability

Unlike other less well-made table cloths out there, the Simonis 760 table cloth stretches easily across the pool table without wrinkling. So, one won’t have to worry about the cloth ripping off while trying to stretch it too tight to fit it across each side of the pool table. 

Basically, the material is strong enough to provide room for adequate stretching without the fabric tearing up in the process. Better still, stretching won’t impact the product’s durability.

4. Durability

The only minor hiccup with this table cloth is that it wears out sooner than the 860 model because it allows the ball to cover more ground than the Simonis 860 table cloth. That said, the cloth’s durability is still better than a host of other table cloths sold in the same price range. 

In fact, the cloth can hold up to frequent use for many years to come. Keep in mind that the cloth also fairs well in an outdoor environment when it’s exposed to outside elements like heat and high humidity.

5. Maintenance

If maintained properly, the cloth keeps playing and looking great. The best part is that it’s easy to keep the table cloth clean for years. One can either brush or wipe it off with a damp cloth. 

That said, brushing is the suggested technique for maintaining this table cloth as it helps a player sweep everything from the playing surface quite conveniently.

Simonis 860

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The Simonis 860 is a commercial-grade 24-ounce pool table cloth used in most professional pool tournaments around the globe because of how good it is. This should suggest that this pool table cloth has a lot going for it. According to many reviewers, it’s the crowned jewel in its product category. 

Designed for 9 balls, Simonis 860 is heavier than the 760 cloth. But not at the expense of the native Simonis roll. So, the performance is not compromised. The cloth truly has strong durability, quality, and accuracy to it. Product purchasers are also offered 27 different color choices on this table cloth.

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1. Material

The makers have always used the best material for this table cloth. For those who don’t know, the product ingredient has a high composition of wool in it. As marketed by Simonis, it’s produced with a blend of 10% nylon and 90% wool. 

The wool is worsted, which allows the ball to roll faster than the regular woolen fabric. The cloth also has a more traditional/natural sort of feel to it, which is lacking in other comparable table cloths sold these days. 

2. Speed

The speed of the Simonis 860 cloth is marginally slower than the Simonis 760 model. That said, it’s still reasonably fast by many player’s standards. Not to mention that the 860 cloth can combat ball returns better than its counterpart in the long run because of its higher wool content. 

The woven structure of the cloth also offers exceptional ball control. Better still, the reduced friction allows the ball to maintain good momentum for longer than usual. 

3. Stretchability

The wool/nylon blend used to construct this table cloth enables it to stretch nicely for a tight installation. Basically, it stretches out fairly well, allowing you to install it easily. 

In other words, one won’t have to stretch the cloth forcefully to fit it in a pool table. As expected from a premium commodity, the cloth won’t rip off, even when it’s stretched to its limits because of how strong the fabric is. 

4. Durability

As far as the product durability goes, the Simonis 860 cloth has no match in its product category. It’s arguably one of the most durable table cloth sold nowadays. As advertised, it has a high thread count than other comparable table cloths, meaning that it can easily last for many years and beyond. It can absolutely last for ages, of course, upon proper care. Since it’s a worsted cloth, one won’t have to worry about pilling the cloth’s fabric.

5. Maintenance

It doesn’t take a lot to keep this cloth in its peak condition. This table cloth requires very little care compared to other alternate products. No additional maintenance such as ironing and blocking is needed. 

The most it requires is routine brushing to keep the cloth looking like new for long. The fact that it’s a worsted cloth, one can brush it in any direction and not worry about the cloth getting damaged in the process. 

Which Table Cloth Should You Get? 

Between the 760 and 860 models, which one should you choose? As far as the pricing goes, both the table cloths carry a similar price tag. This is to say that the price difference between the two cloths isn’t significant enough to influence your mind.

Not to mention that both the tables do their intended job very well. So, it’s not the case of one table cloth being immeasurably better than the other one. For most shoppers, we would still recommend the Simonis 860 table cloth because of how long-lasting the cloth is.

The Simonis 860 also feels more natural than its counterpart. That said, the Simonis 760 is a great cloth in its own rights. It’s highly suitable for those who are used to super-fast felt as it’s designed for professional-grade tables, where speed matters a great deal.

Other Best Alternative Discussed: Simonis 860HR

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The latest arrival in this space is the Simonis 860HR (High Resistance). As expected from a succeeding product, the Simonis 860HR edges out Simonis 860 by a small margin. The Simonis 860HR speed rate is better than Simonis 860. That said, its speed rate is marginally lower than Simonis 760. Also, it’s slightly heavier compared to Simonis 760. However, it provides the true Simonis roll. 

As far as the product ingredient goes, the Simonis 860HR is made from a blend of wool (71%) and nylon (29%). It utilizes the same proportion of wool/nylon as the 760 model, but its thread count is as high as the 860 model.

So, it has the commercial-grade accuracy and durability to it. Basically, the Simonis 860HR table cloth combines the best of Simonis 760 and Simonis 860 models into one cloth to meet most expectations without any fuss. 

In short, this table cloth is precisely woven to perfection.

As it’s easy to tell by now, the overall quality of the Simonis 860HR cloth is good enough to be considered for both home and commercial use. It’s truly designed to enhance the gaming experience. The best part is that this newest table cloth is available in 27 different colors, just like its predecessor.

Final Thoughts

The choice between the two table cloth really boils down to one’s personal preference. We have also included a superior alternative to go with. That said, all table cloths in the discussion are excellent in their own ways as they carry some merits that are unique to them. 

These table cloths will mostly leave shoppers with no rights to complain about anything because of how well-made they really are. Of course, they are all pretty expensive. But then, they do provide more than the money’s worth, which explains their widespread popularity among pool table players.

These felt may be of the highest quality but not indestructible. Therefore, a good amount of care and caution is necessary to keep them that way. Here are a few handpicked articles on maintaining your precious pool table felt:

Daniel Bouie
Daniel Bouie
Daniel Bouie has been playing and helping others learn the ins and outs of pool for eight years. His profound love for the game inspired him to become a qualified billiard instructor in 2015. He frequently practices in his spare time and teaches private lessons to novice and intermediate players.

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