Meucci Carbon Fiber Pro Shaft V2 Review (2024 Edition)

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It’s been proven that choosing a high-quality pool cue may make a big impact on a billiards player’s consistency and level of play over time. This is why Bob Meucci, the designer for Meucci Cues, puts significant time and effort into the design of each pool cue.

Mr. Meucci has been way ahead of the game ever since he started building cues in 1969. In 1975, he changed his company name to Meucci Originals and moved his base of operations to Memphis. Bob Meucci has contributed a lot to the pool cue-making world and still continues until this day.

Meucci now has become a titan in the industry of creating pool cues. However, Bob Meucci still frequently comes up with new designs and concepts, not only for the visual aspect of the pool cues but also the performance and material.

Among all other cues offered by this renowned brand, Meucci Carbon Fiber Pro Shaft V2 is the most popular and first choice of many professional players. In this article, you will get to know everything about this magnificent masterpiece.

Quick Overview

Meucci Carbon Fiber Pro Shaft V2

A beautiful carbon fiber product from Meucci Cues, this shaft makes the player feel like a pro that can pocket any ball. Upon using it, players automatically feel the difference between a carbon fiber and a wooden wood shaft. Once you go carbon, you’ll never go back!

The carbon fiber’s lightweight composition and multi-directional filaments give you better cue ball control, while the 15” Pro taper gives you a smooth and progressive stroke across your bridge. When striking the cue ball, the Meucci Carbon Fiber Pro Shaft V2 encases a particularly delicate polyurethane foam core filled with maple.

It offers a pretty wide range of joint options as well. Although it’s a small part of the pool cue, the shaft keeps the input of energy in a steady motion so as to not disrupt the energy of the strike. On top of that, the materials used to create this pro shaft are all top-notch and not made half-heartedly.


The Meucci Carbon Fiber Pro Shaft has a lot of strong points and close to no cons at all. Having a pool cue that is near perfect and only has minor disadvantages is actually a great deal. Here are some of the many advantages of buying this particular pool cue:

  • Top of the Line Material: Made from lightweight material and multi-directional filaments, thus providing you great control over the cue ball upon striking.
  • Joint Options: It has different joint options giving you a lot to choose from to select the perfect fit for your game.
  • Crisp and Full Sound: Satisfying sound when hitting the cue ball due to the polyurethane core perfectly designed for this specific shaft. 
  • Long Warranty Life: Has a 1-year warranty so you can get it replaced or repaired if ever it breaks down.
  • Elegant Design: Simplistic and sleek design that screams class and professionalism when playing.
  • Perfect Transition Piece: Great for players who want to transition from wood cues to carbon fiber cues due to its low deflection rate and excellent build quality. 


It’s not always good when it comes to reviewing a product. So let’s take a look at the minimal things that may be considered as disadvantages when it comes to purchasing and using this pool cue.

  • Price: The Meucci Carbon Fiber Pro Shaft V2 is on the pricier side of the pool cue world. 
  • Adjusting Period: It is very different from wood shafts, so it may take a substantial amount of time to get used to it. 

Let’s Take a Closer Look

1. Construction

This carbon fiber shaft was constructed and designed with care and precision. From the tip to the joint, this carbon fiber shaft was built for players who want accuracy and comfortability wrapped in one.

The tip is Ultra Skin “Ivory” Soft, which doesn’t slip and slide on the cue ball’s surface. The shaft itself is 29” of pure carbon fiber filaments with a polyurethane core, making that crisp and full sound upon contact with the cue ball.

The joint has different options for a variety of choices for a wide variety of players’ preferences.

2. Look and Size

The Meucci Carbon Fiber Pro Shaft V2 boasts a simple matte black design that looks elegant and feels premium in the hands of a pool player. In addition, it has a 29” shaft with a 15” Pro Taper, thus giving you that added accuracy no matter how long the stroke length.

3. Accessories

As mentioned earlier, the tip is Ultra Skin “Ivory” Soft, meaning no slipping around when striking the cue ball. An added accessory to the shaft that makes this product extraordinary is the ferrule which is ⅜ of an inch long.

The ferrule not only improves aim contrast and depth perception due to its smooth transition from shaft to ferrule to tip. It also provides a more familiar and solid foundation for tip maintenance and replacement throughout the shaft’s lifetime.

4. Cost

Granted that most people would be surprised by the price of this Meucci Cues product, there isn’t really much that you can say once you actually pick it up and use it for a bit. The price is perfect for the quality of the product. This Meucci Carbon Fiber Pro Shaft V2 is an investment if anything else.

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5. Warranty

This certain product has a one-year manufacturer warranty or a factory warranty. This basically means that you can keep using it without hesitation to test out if there are any defects within the parts installed by the factory. If you find one within a year, then you can get it replaced or repaired free of charge.

6. Real-Life Experience

Meucci is notorious for giving players impressive pool cues, and the Meucci Carbon Fiber Pro Shaft V2 is no exception. I’ve been using it for a few months now, and honestly, I found nothing to complain about.

It’s completely straight and doesn’t wobble around when striking the cue ball. Plus, it’s got perfect taper, excellent control, and a well-balanced foam core for little to no deflection.

If you’re planning to switch from wood to carbon fiber, then the Meucci Carbon Fiber Pro Shaft V2 is something you definitely shouldn’t pass on. It’s a great buy, considering the price, performance, and build quality.

Meucci Carbon Fiber Pro Shaft vs. Predator Revo

The Meucci Carbon Fiber Pro Shaft V2 and the Predator Revo Carbon Fiber Pool Cue Shafts have more similarities than differences, in full honesty. The two competitors in the carbon fiber industry have been neck and neck in creating the “perfect” pool cue shaft for years.

Both companies offer products built for accuracy and comfort when players play with them. In line with comfort, both products have different size variations when it comes to the taper of the shafts.

The low rise pro-taper is a factor in both of these top-notch products and built for players looking to improve their accuracy and spin game.

One of the significant differences that can be seen between the two products is pricing, the Predator Revo being a tad more expensive than the Meucci Carbon Fiber Pro Shaft V2.

Since there isn’t any ‘real’ difference between the two products, Meucci Carbon Fiber Pro Shaft V2 would be a much more sensible purchase.

Final Words

At the end of the day, the best course of action is to combine different sources of information. Sure, this review is a treasure trove of information, but peer reviews across different marketplace can give you a better grasp on which pool cue shaft is a better fit for you and your play style.

With these pool cues, it’s better to spend a bit more in one go instead of going for a cheaper version of the product.

If we’re basing it on reviews, the Meucci Carbon Fiber Pro Shaft V2 would be your best bet. If you’re still on the fence, feel free to ask shop assistants for their opinion or any additional information that could help you make up your mind.

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