5 Best Pool Table Brushes To Buy In 2024

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When you own a pool table, you are also responsible for cleaning and maintaining it so that it lasts for years to come. One often-overlooked aspect of maintaining a pool table is needing to clean off the felt and table surface itself.

Oftentimes, people will simply use their household broom or get an old cloth and try to dust off the surface of the table. This can damage the felt of your table and cause more harm than help. Instead, you should purchase brushes that are specially designed for the cleaning of pool tables.

In this article, we will cover some of the best pool table brushes that you can find on the market so that you can get your pool table nice and clean without worrying about damaging it.

1OESS Billiards Pool Table and Rail Brush Set
Editor’s Pick
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2OESS Billiards Pool Table and Rail Brush Set with Cloth Cue Shaft Slicker
Most Popular
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3Sterling Gaming Standard 10-1/2-Inch Horsehair Pool Table Brush
Best Horsehair Brush
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4DML Set of Billiards Pool Table & Rail Brush Cleaning Tools
Best Nylon Brush
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5AUEAR Set of 3 Billiards Pool Table and Rail Brush Set
Best Brush for Under the Rail Cleaning
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5 Of The Best Pool Table Brushes Reviewed

1. OESS Billiards Pool Table and Rail Brush Set – Editor’s Pick

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If you want to get your pool table cleaned very well and get a brush that has great performance but doesn’t break the bank, then you will love this OESS Billiards offering.

In this set, you get not only a brush for the general surface of your pool table but also a brush specially designed for cleaning your rails.

You will receive two beautiful brushes with a choice of mahogany or oak finish which gives them a classic look that goes with any pool table.

The dual-length bristles on this brush are great for getting into those hard-to-reach places such as the table bed itself and under the rails.

Most of all, these brushes are very gentle on the felt of your pool table, meaning you can clean without worry of fraying or tearing.

You can use the bigger brush for cleaning the large open area of the table and the smaller one for more intricate work, making this set very versatile and useful.


  • You get two beautiful pool table brushes that come in a mahogany or oak finish
  • One brush is great for cleaning the general surface of the table, while the other specializes in reaching under the rails
  • This set is very durable and made of high-quality materials
  • These brushes are also super gentle on the felt of your table


  • With this brush set, there truly aren’t any downsides
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Yet another great product from OESS Billiards is their pool table brush set with cloth cue shaft slicker. This brush set comes packed with many of the same features that the previous entry showcased, but this time the set includes an extra cloth cue shaft slicker.

There are loads of satisfied customers that have picked up this pool table brush set and loved it. You are able to clean the surface of the table efficiently and without hassle and even reach into those tighter areas beneath the rails of the table.

The nylon bristles on these brushes also ensure that every time you clean, you do so without damaging the fabric on your table, and you can even use them around the house for other cleaning purposes if you so choose.

What really makes it unique is the included billiard cue cloth slicker. This handy tool removes the dirt and oil for the shaft of your pool cue and helps to prevent chalk from penetrating the wood of the cue. This, in turn, helps to maintain your cue and make it last longer, and you get it for free in this bundle.


  • A sturdy build means you’ll get a lot of use out of these brushes
  • With a choice between an oak or mahogany finish, these brushes will fit with any pool table
  • You get a free cloth cue shaft slicker which is perfect for maintaining your cue alongside your table
  • Nice and affordable for items you get in this set, and the quality of each one


  • There really aren’t any downsides with this set

3. Sterling Gaming Standard 10-1/2-Inch Horsehair Pool Table Brush – Best Horsehair Pool Table Brush

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If you are looking for a genuine horsehair brush for cleaning your pool table, then this product from Sterling Gaming may be just right for you. The stiffness and durability of horsehair brushes make them perfect for cleaning the felt of your pool table as they are able to clean deep into the cloth without damaging it with tears or tugs.

This Sterling Gaming brush comes with a dual bristle design, such as is standard in pool table brushes. This design helps to get into harder-to-reach areas of the table while still allowing the brush to perform well on the overall surface of the table itself.

Compared to other horsehair brushes, this offering from Sterling Gaming has a very good build quality and suffers much less from bristles falling out. It is also great for getting chalk out of the table’s felt and clearing out any deep-set dust.

You can choose to get this brush in either a mahogany or oak finish, so matching it with your pool table won’t be a problem at all.


  • Ergonomic design makes this brush very easy to use
  • Jumbo size makes it perfect for cleaning up the table in almost no time
  • It’s sold at an affordable price despite its solid build quality
  • Durable horsehair brush that suffers very little from lost bristles


  • The larger size of the brush may not be for everyone

4. DML Set of Billiards Pool Table & Rail Brush Cleaning Tools – Best Nylon Pool Table Brush

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Nylon pool table brushes are more modern and tend to be a bit more affordable than horsehair brushes, and this selection from DML is a great showcase of what a high-quality nylon pool table brush should be.

This nylon brush is made to gently clean your pool table and clear it of deep-seated dust and chalk without damaging the felt. The wooden handles of the brushes are also very well made and built to last, so you can rest assured that you will get tons of use out of this product.

Not only do you get some very high-quality nylon pool table brushes in this set, but you also get a felt cloth shaft slicker for maintaining your pool cue as well as a small cue chalk cube.

You get a lot of bang for your buck in this bundle, and with the price and freebies, you really can’t go wrong.


  • High-quality construction ensures you will get a lot of use out of these brushes
  • Soft nylon bristles clean well without damaging the felt of your table
  • You get added freebies such as a chalk cube and shaft slicker


  • This set only comes in oak

5. AUEAR Set of 3 Billiards Pool Table and Rail Brush Set – Best Brush for Under the Rail Cleaning

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B08BDHMXPH&Format= SL350 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=sportsdean 20&language=en US - SportsDean

AUEAR brings our best pick for under the rail cleaning. In this set, you will find one of the very best brushes on the market for getting a good, deep clean underneath the rails of your pool table.

It can be tough to clean out all the dust and chalk that may gather beneath the rails on your pool table, so getting a good brush that is capable of getting any buildup cleared from under the rails is key in keeping your pool table clean.

The durable nylon bristles on this rail brush are made to get a deep clean without damaging the table. Hair fallout is also not an issue with either brush in this set. And of course, you also get a free shaft slicker cloth for use with your pool cue, which is a nice freebie.


  • Well-made rail brush that cleans deep
  • Durable construction ensures you’ll get a lot of use out of it
  • Free shaft slicker is an added bonus
  • A very affordable set of cleaning tools


  • Like the last pick, this set from AUEAR also only comes in oak

What is a Pool Table Brush For?

Pool table brushes are used to clean and maintain the quality of the felt on your pool table. You may not notice it, but over time your pool table gathers tons of dust, dirt, and chalk upon its surface.

Going too long without cleaning the felt out can adversely affect your gameplay by slowing balls down and making the felt of your table thicker and less conducive for play. Also, the felt color will start changing its hue.

Using a good pool table brush to clean out the dust and dirt on the surface of your table can keep your pool table in good shape and prevent any unexpected hiccups during gameplay.

The unique shape of a pool table brush is done on purpose to ensure that you are able to reach every single part of the pool table and clean it out properly.

This includes the general surface of the table as well as under the rails and at the seams where the cloth meets the edge of the table.

How To Use a Pool Table Brush?

Using a pool table brush is simple and easy, but there are some steps that you should follow to ensure that you properly clean your pool table and do so without damaging the felt on its surface.

First, you can begin sweeping the pockets, cushions, and the edge of the table. The best way to go about this is by sweeping from one end of your pool table straight along to the other end, making sure to follow the direction of the felt.

After this, you can begin to brush the playfield. This is also done by sweeping from one end towards the other end, all the while following the weave of the felt.

Make sure not to brush in circular motions as this can stretch the fibers of the cloth. Also, make sure not to press too hard on the brush while you clean.

To remove any dust and dirt you’ve swept up, utilize a small dustpan. Be careful that you don’t snag the felt with the edge of the dustpan. Repeat these steps until your table is clean and you’re good to go!

How Often Should You Brush Your Pool Table?

It is generally recommended that you brush your pool table after a long game session that has used a lot of chalk. If you do not play for an extended period of time, then brushing your pool table down once every week should do the trick.

In case your pool table is located outside or is left uncovered when not in use, then you may need to brush more frequently. Utilizing a cover for your pool table is a good way to prevent it from getting damaged and to cut down on how often you need to brush it.

There is no harm in brushing your pool table often; just take steps to ensure that you brush it correctly each time to avoid any accidental damage. Professional-grade felt, for instance, Simonis 760 or 860, won’t degrade even if you brush too frequently.

Final Thoughts

You should now have an idea of how you should go about cleaning your pool table using a pool table brush, as well as some of the best options on the market.

Keeping your pool table clean with regular brushing is one of the best ways to maintain it and ensure that every time you play a game, you are getting the best quality of gameplay possible due to the clean and smooth surface of your table.

If you’re not enthusiastic about brushing your felt, vacuum cleaners can be a lifesaver. They work wonders and make the job much easier- all in a fraction of the time it would take to brush. Read here how to vacuum a pool table and everything else about it.

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