Olhausen Pool Table Review: Are They Really Good?

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Olhausen is one of the most popular pool table brands out there. Founded in 1972, they are well-known for making stunning pool tables that are a cut above the scope.

Believe it or not, they sell thousands and thousands of pool tables every year. Their tables have good enough quality to last for decades with minimal wear and tear.

For those who don’t know much about the company, they have a 250,000 square-foot facility (in Portland), where they manufacture all of their pool tables and accessories.

Why Olhausen?

To begin with, they support American workers. All their pool tables are made in the United States and not in China or any other low-wage paying country. 

Additionally, they have all the cutting-edge machines and technical know-how in place, which helps them manufacture superior pool tables than the rest. 

Not to mention that they have an unmatched reputation in the market. Given how well-made their pool tables are, they proudly offer a lifetime warranty on most of their products. 

Olhausen Pool Tables vs. the Rest

The Olhausen pool tables stand out from the crowd in many aspects. Right from the product durability, workmanship, and post-purchase care, Olhausen edges out its competition by miles. They use the best wood and labor for their pool tables, which is apparent from the product’s quality.

The fact that they have their own in-house facility, they are also able to keep their prices lower than the competition. Plus, they can provide more pool table options to their customers.

Best Olhausen Pool Tables Reviewed

1. Olhausen Billiards 8 ft Belmont Pool Table – Editor’s Choice

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Proudly manufactured in the USA, this Olhausen pool table has the finest construction quality for a product of its nature. As marketed, Olhausen has utilized North-eastern lumber to construct this pool table, which is said to be the best wood out there for a pool table.

For those who don’t know, the North-eastern lumber has all the long-lasting qualities to it. Furthermore, the makers have used the world’s best diamond-honed slate to offer an incredibly smooth playing surface. As a result, it plays beautifully on any given day.

Not to mention that the playing surface remains smooth, soft, and well-leveled for many years. The table is also beautiful to look at. Anyone who notices it will complement the table for its good looks. By all accounts, it’s as good as a professional pool table.


  • Product installation is a part of the deal. Upon order, an installer contacts the purchaser to take care of the product delivery and assembly.
  • The purchase price also includes a premium pool cloth. One can pick any color cloth from the 24 choices made available to them.
  • This table from Olhausen is far more durable than its competitors.
  • As confirmed by previous pool table shoppers, the product arrives within the delivery window specified at the time of purchase.
  • Unlike other cheap pool tables, this Olhausen pool table doesn’t have the cheap chemical smell to it.


  • As expected from a highly durable product of this nature, the Olhausen Belmont Pool Table is quite heavy/bulky.
  • This pool table doesn’t come cheap. That said, the product’s quality is good enough to justify its price tag.

Bottom Line

The Olhausen Billiards 8 ft Belmont Pool Table has gained the respect of both casual and professional players everywhere. In our professional opinion, it’s one of the best pool tables at its price point.

2. Olhausen Billiards 8 ft Blackhawk Pool Table – Great Value

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Constructed from solid tulipwood, this 8-footer elite pool table lives up to its marketed benefits. As advertised, it has zero relationships with China, which is to say that it’s as sturdy as it can get. Available in (2-tone) matte black and Brandywine finish, it looks quite elegant as well.

The diamond-shaped sights coupled with black leather pockets and shiny gold logo truly improves the look of this table. Performance-wise, players will witness a night and day difference between this and other ordinary pool tables out there. So, the company is not making things up about superior quality control checks.

As claimed by Olhausen, this table features Diamond-Honed slates to provide a smooth playing surface. The balls roll very smoothly on the table. Of course, the table is also plentifully sturdy for adults. Not to mention that the pool table holds up well to a lot of use.


  • The pockets on this Olhausen Blackhawk pool table are large enough to house full-sized balls.
  • Upon co-ordination, the company will send a team of two professionals to handle delivery, unpacking, and product assembly.
  • Unlike other ordinary pool tables sold nowadays, this one won’t wear out soon.
  • The table is shipped in a secure package, preventing it from dents and scratches during transit.
  • The customer support team does a great job at resolving any issue that may arise during the product’s lifetime.


  • It’s quite heavy to move this Olhausen pool table upstairs without taking anyone’s help.
  • Given the size, it’s not suitable for small spaces. One would need a room size of 13’4” x 17’2” to seamlessly play around the entire table.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Olhausen Billiards 8 ft Blackhawk Pool is good enough to be 100% smitten by it. With respect to the price, its features are overwhelming. In other words, the cost of the table is too good for its manufacturing quality.

3. Olhausen Billiards 8 ft Hampton Pool Table – Most Durable

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Coming from a world-renowned billiard table brand, the Olhausen Billiards 8 ft Hampton Pool Table doesn’t struggle to live up to the company’s image. It has all the butt-kicking attributes to it, which can put other competing pool table brands to shame. Honestly, the amount of features it has for the asking price makes it hard to pass up this pool table.

The pool table features the finest 3-piece diamond honed slates to provide long hours of noise-free playtime. Furthermore, it has a beautiful Heritage Mahogany finish to it. Given its looks, it can blend well in any luxury, upscale environment without any fuss. The makers have chosen Canadian maple wood over other lightweight woods to construct this pool table, which gives it a remarkably long life as well.

On all accounts, nothing can come close to beating the durability of the Canadian maple wood. The company also includes many accessories to go with this pool table, such as a plastic brush, cue rack, cue drawer, shiny billiard balls, two cues, and a premium cloth. Moreover, the table comes with surprisingly large drop pockets made from genuine leather that are as durable as they can possibly be.


  • The carved legs on this Hampton pool table add a different level of elegance to this product.
  • For the free surface cloth, the company provides a choice of twenty-plus different colors.
  • The makers have utilized 1-inch, 3-piece slates in this table, which does a great job of eliminating unwanted noise during play.
  • The overall construction of this pool table is excellent enough to get many years of use out of it.
  • The company will take care of the product installation at the time of product delivery.


  • The price of this Hampton pool table may not suit the budget of all the pool players out there.
  • This pool table weighs close to 650 lbs. So, it’s not an easily transportable commodity.

Bottom Line

The Olhausen Billiards 8 ft Hampton Pool Table really has a high-quality appeal to it. It strikes a nice balance of contemporary and modern look, which has been a hit among pool table players everywhere.

4. Olhausen Billiards 8 ft Breckenridge Pool Table – Professional-Grade

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Like all other well-made Olhausen pool tables, the Olhausen Billiards 8 ft Breckenridge Pool Table is constructed from thick pine wood with a Breckenridge finish that can last through any weather condition with the least amount of wear and tear.

Furthermore, this American beauty features buffalo nickel sights, deep leather pockets, and a beautiful Olhausen logo. Unlike other inferior pool tables, this pool table is built to order in the USA using the best-in-class raw materials and machinery.

The product is scrutinized every step of the way to ensure that nothing slips through the gaps. Frankly put, this pool table hardly has any major weakness to crib about. The playing surface is smooth, nicely leveled, and completely flat. They have literally created the perfect playing surface.


  • This table utilizes Accu-Fast cushions in its construction, which is the highest grade rubber found these days.
  • In terms of overall built quality, the Olhausen Billiards 8 ft Breckenridge Pool Table is twice as strong as other comparable pool tables.
  • Unlike the competition, it makes less noise during play. It also vibrates a lot less, leading to a joyful playing session.
  • A professional installer will assemble this pool table for no extra cost.
  • A local Olhausen dealer will also get in touch with the purchaser to dispatch the pool table surface cloth for free.
  • The product comes a day or two earlier than the estimated delivery date.


  • Given its size, it takes a great deal of real estate space. The minimum space requirement for this pool table is 13’4″W x 17’L.
  • Space issue aside, there are no major drawbacks to complain about. It’s really well-made for its intended purpose.

Bottom Line

Right from the quality, reliability, and durability, the Olhausen Billiards 8 ft Breckenridge Pool Table scores top marks in all areas of use. This pool table is exactly what five-star reviewers say about it.

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This is a pro-quality pool table that has a lot of striking features to it. For instance, it’s made out of solid maple wood combined with a matte smoke finish. Furthermore, it features diamond-shaped sights, leather pockets, and an attractive Olhausen logo. It also has a nice coating on it to resist scratches.

The table can hold up well to most causes of natural wear and tear. As such, the table bed is made from 3-piece 1 inch slate top, leading to true and precise ball rolling. Furthermore, the bumpers in it provide even and consistent ball bounce. Basically, the playing surface is as good as it can get.

As it’s easy to tell, numerous measures have been taken to make this pool table what it is today, which explains why it’s so popular among pool table players. As marketed, it truly provides the most seamless playing experience that most players look for when shopping for a pool table.


  • This pool table has a modern design or look to it. It’s attractive enough to be a conversation piece in any home.
  • The cushions are really well-made. The bounce remains even regardless of where the ball hits.
  • It is built for the long haul. It truly has more durability to it than other comparable pool tables.
  • This 8 footer pool table can fit well in a basement, game room, or even a home garage.


  • It’s not light enough to move to a new spot. The built quality is definitely sturdy, though.
  • This pool table is not suitable for those with a modest budget.

Bottom Line

The Olhausen Billiards 8 ft West End Pool Table is a cleverly designed pool table that has a lot going for it. Its product features are on par with a professional-grade pool table. In short, it’s truly worth everything it sells for.

Final Thoughts

These top-rated Olhausen pool tables are good enough to meet most standards or expectations on any given day. That said, it’s important to assess one’s personal needs and desires to handpick the best pool table from the five choices given above.

If durability is more important than other features, then the Olhausen Billiards 8 ft Hampton Pool Table should be a no-brainer choice. For those who are after a professional-grade pool table, the Olhausen Billiards 8 ft Breckenridge Pool Table is worth a consideration, and so on.

If the expectations are right, these pool tables will not only meet but also exceed because of how good they really are. 

It’s noteworthy and possibly praiseworthy that the company also does its best to remedy all the product issues. The reviews about the company being great at solving customer problems are actually true.

So, don’t hesitate to pull the trigger on any of these Olhausen pool tables. Given the pool table’s quality, most shoppers are bound to get all the playing pleasure that they would normally expect from a product of this nature. These pool tables truly have all the people-pleasing qualities in them. 

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