ESPN Indoor Ping Pong Table Review

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Millions love the beautiful sport that table tennis is; thousands play it every day all across the globe! And do you know what every table tennis player wants the most? A premium quality ping pong table! If you are a novice in this arena, you might not be cognizant of the challenges that lie ahead of you. Finding the best table in the business can prove to be quite a challenge.

Quick Overview

ESPN Table Tennis Table
Source: Walmart

It won’t be a challenge though, if you knew the table you need to buy, right? What if we told you we have just the thing in our eye that you are after? Well, we are talking about the ESPN Official Size 18mm 2-Piece indoor table tennis table!

In case you are after a table that comes with a split leg design, this is precisely what you need to spend your bucks on. Of course, there are a few downsides, which we will talk about in detail in a minute.

But overall, here is a table that will make you fall in love with the game even more! Oh, and it is a proper space saver as well! But we are going to talk about the pros in the next section. Love all, let us begin the game!


  • Even Surface: Don’t want an uneven bounce in the game, do we?
  • Water-Resistant: We know some of you have a moisture issue; this table is just made for you!
  • Super-Space Saver: The compact design ensures that you can fit and store this table anywhere in your home or office.
  • Corner Caps: An important feature if you are worried about injuries during the game.
  • Can be Folded: This allows you to have a game on your own.
  • Warranty: This table comes with a 90-Day warranty.


Well, there are a few minor issues with this table that we want to mention here so that you have an honest view, a complete picture of what you can expect from this product.

  • A Little Out of Reach: Price is a bit on the higher side.
  • No Color Option: Available in one shade only, i.e., black.

Let Us Put It Under A Microscope

In the following sections, we are going to talk about the key features of this table. For better understanding, we are going to talk about these fine points under separate sections.


An indoor table for tournaments; we are not fibbing! The dimensions of this table are 108″ x 60″ 30″. In terms of number, these dimensions are reflective of a table, which is usually used in official table tennis tournaments.

Now, this might be a great deal for those who don’t have a space issue. But for those of you who have a space issue, this is an ideal choice as well. It can be stored away quite easily, but let us talk about that in more detail in the next section!

Can Be Conveniently Stored 

The ESPN ping pong table comes with 3” lockable casters. Now, we know you are wondering about the importance of this little piece of information that we have shared with you. It is important! The casters allow you to move this table with ease from one place to another.

But we are sure that you want numbers, so let us mention the storage dimension as well. 60″ x 31″ x 66″ are the storage dimensions, which tell you a lot about the ease with which you can store this table when you are not in a mood to play. It can be folded smoothly, which is indeed a great plus!

Comes With Basic Accessories

This has to be the most unique feature of this table. There are not many tables that come with a table cover, clamp-style post, and net. ESPN wants you to have a game straight away! And since setting up the table is hardly an issue, the fun begins for you the moment you bring the table home.

It also saves you a bit of time since purchasing the post and net can be a bit taxing as well! In a seven all situation in the competition among the brands, this feature is probably the tiebreaker!

Replacing is Easy

How often do we get a little over-enthusiastic during a game? Accidents happen, stuff gets broken. We can assure you that there are not many brands out there like ESPN, which care about their customers. We will talk about this in a minute in detail!

But for now, let us tell you that you can easily get any replacement part that you are after, simply by dialing up the brand’s contact number. In case you find assembly a little complicated, you can also ask for an instruction manual at the same number.

Excellent Customer Care

We mentioned the excellent customer care, let us explain why we feel ESPN’s service is the best. Firstly, the table comes with a three-month warranty, a key feature that is missing from the poster of key brands in the business.

Then you can dial up customer care and ask any questions that come to your mind about the product. And lastly, one hundred percent satisfaction is guaranteed as well!

Enough reasons for you to fall for this ping pong table! But we want you to make a decision only after assessing all the metrics properly.


Well, that would be all for now. We wish we could go on a bit more, but the limitations of time force us to wrap up this debate here. Nevertheless, we hope that you learned a great deal about this magnificent table under discussion.

We are not going to hide the obvious bias; we like this ping pong table a lot. If the manufacturers can bring more variety to the party, this space-saving beauty has the potential to become the best in the business.

Well, skills are not the only thing that impacts your game; accessories matter too. And you definitely deserve the best table in the world!

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Bradley Anderson
Bradley Anderson
Bradley Anderson hails from the northwestern United States and brings nine years of professional table tennis experience to SportsDean. He began playing as a child in local table tennis leagues and continued playing through college, where he founded and coached his own players’ association, the Table Tennis Teamsters, in 2011.

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