9 Best Dart Cases For The Money (2024 Update)

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Darts enthusiasts and serious dart players don’t walk around, carrying all their darts equipment. That’s why dart cases exist. It’s where you can organize the items in one place.

Aside from that, it is easier and safer to move around while keeping the components secure and undamaged. You can also bring other accessories and not worry about them getting lost.

With a dart case, convenience is the best advantage. You can go from one bar to another without getting stressed. But with so many dart cases to choose from, which ones are the best to consider?

In this review, there are nine categories, and each category has a top pick. Get to know them and find out which one fits your preferences.

1Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case
Editor’s Pick
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2Viper Dart Caddy Solid Wood Dart Holder
Wooden Dart Case
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3Casemaster The Pro Leatherette Dart Case
Leather Dart Case
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4Casemaster Ternion Dart Case
Aluminum Dart Case
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5Casemaster Classic Dart Case
Nylon Dart Case
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6CyeeLife-Dart Carrying Case
Plastic Dart Case
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7COSMO DARTS Fit Flight Case
Soft Tip Darts Case
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8Casemaster Sport Dart Case
Steel Tip Darts Case
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9Casemaster Sentry Dart Case
Best Budget
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9 Of The Best Dart Cases Reviewed

1. Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case – Editor’s Pick

Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case

Let’s start with the Editor’s Pick, and that is the Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case. It’s the ultimate dart case that you can have. From its construction, locking system to storage features, it has more to offer than any dart cases available today.

Why is this the top pick? First of all, it is equipped with many rooms for your darts and accessories. It has nine slots for your completely assembled darts (steel or soft tips), 10 accessory sleeves, 12 flight pockets, two large storage tubes, and a large pocket for your cash and cards.

That’s not all. It has a strong built, thanks to its construction made of aluminum. It looks like a briefcase with black and silver colors and a sturdy swivel handle.

Staying true to its modern, the Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case is engineered with dual buckles that secure your dart collection. You can open it by simply flicking the buckles up – there is no need to unzip anything.

In addition to that, this dart case gives you more strategic gameplay since you can bring three sets of darts at the same time. You also have a range of accessory selections wherever you go.

It’s not the cheapest, but you get more than what you have paid for. It’s a worthy purchase, especially if you’re into the game of darts.


  • Suitable for professionals and beginners, and with its price, you get more than what you have paid for.
  • It has many compartments where you can store all dart accessories, as well as your personal items like keys, cards, and cash.
  • This dart case has a sturdy built and a secure locking system, keeping the things inside safe and undamaged.


  • It doesn’t come with a secondary lock. So, if the buckles are broken, it’ll be difficult to keep the components inside the case.

2. Viper Dart Caddy Solid Wood Dart Holder – Best Wood Dart Case

Viper Dart Caddy Solid Wood Dart Holder

Next on the list is the wooden category, and the top pick is the Viper Dart Caddy Solid Wood Dart Holder, one of the best sellers. Although it’s not exactly a case, you can still use it to store your fully assembled darts.

You can mount it to the wall and easily take the darts whenever you want to play. It also looks sophisticated, coming in three luxurious colors – black, mahogany finish, and cinnamon finish.

When it comes to its features, the Viper Dart Caddy Solid Wood Dart Holder holds a maximum of 12 soft or steel tip darts at once. The holes are drilled precisely to fit any dart size.

It’s a stylish way to keep your darts in one place. With its solid wood construction, it doesn’t only look nice, but you can also expect this dart case to be durable. It can’t easily be bent if you accidentally drop it.

It comes with mounting hardware to set it up on the wall. You can also lay it flat, whichever way is more convenient for you.

Another outstanding feature of this wood dart case is the metal hook at the bottom of the plaque. You can use it to hang the additional velvet bag where you can put all the extra dart accessories like tips, flights, and shafts.


  • It’s a stylish and durable dart holder that you can attach to the wall, giving you easy access to your darts.
  • The price is reasonable enough for the construction material and sophisticated colors.
  • You can put it as a display in your home and use the metal hook as a key hanger or anything that you want to hang.


  • The downside of this holder is that it’s too inconvenient to take around with you because it’s too big.

3. Casemaster The Pro Leatherette Dart Case – Best Leather Dart Case

 Casemaster The Pro Leatherette Dart Case

If you’re looking for a bigger and handier dart case, the Casemaster The Pro Leatherette Dart Case is an excellent choice. It has nine dart slots for steel or soft tips, 15 flight pockets, and four storage tubes for extra shafts and tips.

You should consider this case if you travel too much. It is built with nylon straps to secure everything inside the bag. The Pro has a briefcase-like grip handle that you can hold and carry the bag with much ease.

The Casemaster Leatherette Dart Case speaks of longevity. It features a strong interior made of fibers and durable nylon, which doesn’t easily break. It also takes pride in its dual snap-rings locking system that makes it function like a briefcase.

The heavy-duty rings keep the case tightly close at all times. To open the case, you only need to flick them up and unzip the bag.

This dart case features sturdy construction made of leatherette. It keeps your dart components intact and safe while you’re on the go. And since you can organize three sets of darts in one place, you’re always ready for any competitions everywhere.

The strategic storage gives you the advantage of switching your darts right away or changing the parts with more options to choose from. Unlike the typical dart cases, it offers more storage for your accessories.


  • There are more rooms for fully assembled darts and compartments for other accessories.
  • It assures durability with its leatherette construction and tight security with its dual snap-rings.
  • This is perfect for professional dart players since they can bring three sets of darts at once.


  • The case may not big enough for darts with larger flights; they can be damaged when you close the bag.

4. Casemaster Ternion Dart Case – Best Aluminum Dart Case

Casemaster Ternion Dart Case

For the aluminum dart case category, the best pick is the Casemaster Ternion Dart Case. It is similar to the Editor’s Pick, but it has fewer rooms for your dart components.

It has nine slots for steel or soft tip darts, eight flight pockets, a large storage tube, and a spacious card pocket.

The interior is made of woven fibers that don’t easily break. And with the protective foam inside the case, you’re assured that your darts remain in place.

The Casemaster Ternion Dart Case looks luxurious with black and silver colors. It is made of aluminum, but it’s lightweight and sturdy. You can bring it wherever you go without feeling the heaviness of the case.

In case you drop it accidentally, it doesn’t get damaged right away. Plus, it has a swivel handle for the convenience of carrying the case.

To ensure that your darts collection is safe and secure, the Ternion is built with a buckle locking system. It’s a heavy-duty buckle that tightly closes the case. And it works like a briefcase lock. You just have to flick the buckle up, and it opens.


  • It has a total of 20 compartments, including a large pocket for your cash, cards, small papers, and keys.
  • The construction is lightweight and sturdy, and you can easily bring it wherever you want to go.
  • Professional players, beginners, and even those who collect darts will love this dart case.


  • There is no zipper or a second lock if the buckle is broken.

5. Casemaster Classic Dart Case – Best Nylon Dart Case

 Casemaster Classic Dart Case

Next on the list is the top pick for the nylon dart case category, and that is the Casemaster Classic Dart Case. This is a worthy choice for many reasons.

If you like a dart case with many compartments, you won’t go wrong with the Classic. It has a total of 32 storage methods, including 12 slots for steel or soft tip darts, 15 flight pockets, two storage tubes, and an additional storage area for other things you want to keep.

Besides its storage features, the Classic is made to last. Its construction is made of scratch-resistant nylon, which doesn’t break right away. It also has a strong interior made of woven fibers.

You can expect the case to last many years. For easy carry, it’s equipped with a grip handle and nylon straps that provide support as you travel.

Similar to The Pro, the Casemaster Classic Dart Case comes with a snap-ring lock and a zipper. To open the dart, you need to flick the snap-rings up then unzip. It can be a bit of a hassle with the dual lock, but it ensures the security of your dart collection.

And best of all, you can bring four sets of darts at the same time. Whenever you join a darts tournament, you may need different sets of darts to choose from, keeping you ahead of the game.


  • The Classic has 12 dart slots, and it means that you can bring four sets of darts to your games.
  • It is made of nylon, which is known to be durable and has two locks for better security.
  • With an additional storage area, you can bring other accessories or use the space to keep a little cash.


  • Although it has an excellent locking system, it can be a little bit inconvenient to open the dart case.

6. CyeeLife-Dart Carrying Case – Best Plastic Dart Case

CyeeLife-Dart Carrying Case

Dart cases are also made of plastic, and the top choice for this category is the CyeeLife-Dart Carrying Case. It’s a simple plastic case that accommodates three completely assembled darts with open flights (steel or soft tips).

This is one of the most affordable cases, and you’ll be excited to know that it’s available in 12 different transparent colors. It even comes with a carabiner clip for easy carry.

Since this is made of plastic, the CyeeLife-Dart Carrying Case doesn’t easily break. It’s sturdy enough to survive drops and impacts without damaging your darts.

The lid is at the top. Just open it and put your darts inside the case. Fast and simple, right? Whenever you want to play, you can immediately take them out and start the game.

Unlike the usual box-typed dart cases, it’s easy to bring the CyeeLife-Dart Carrying Case. With the help of the carabiner clip, you can hang the dart case on your bag and take it out if you wish to play. It’s also lightweight so that you can turn it into a keychain or a bag accessory.


  • The material used to build the dart case is lightweight, portable, and long-lasting.
  • It has different colors and comes with a carabiner clip that allows you to hang it on your bag.
  • It fits three assembled darts with open flights, and it is pretty easy to take them out.


  • It doesn’t have extra room for additional accessories like tips, flights, and shafts.

7. COSMO DARTS Fit Flight Case – Best Dart Case for Soft Tip Darts

COSMO DARTS Fit Flight Case

Most dart cases are suitable for both steel and soft tip darts. But if you want a case specifically designed for soft tip darts, the top choice is the COSMO DARTS Fit Flight Case.

The casing is made of leatherette. But when you open it, you will find a plastic dart case that can store three darts. Its dimensions in diameter are 170x90x60 (HxWxD). It comes with a carabiner clip and is available in various colors like black, blue, orange, and pink.

The COSMO DARTS Fit Flight Case looks sophisticated with its smooth and sleek design. It is equipped with a cardholder and eight additional compartments that can fit tips and shafts.

The plastic compartment allows you to store your fully assembled darts. There is enough space inside this dart case, so your darts will remain undamaged if you accidentally drop the bag.

If you like bringing your darts anywhere, this case is portable and can be attached to your bag. It includes a carabiner clip that allows you to hang the case in your bag. If you like, you can make it as a keychain.

Aside from that, the COSMO DARTS Fit Flight Case is ideal for darts players who use a molded flight setup such as Harrows, Fit Flight, and L-style.


  • It is spacious enough to fit in three assembled darts, eight accessories, and a card.
  • It is lightweight, and you can take it anywhere with you with the help of the clip.
  • The dart case is made of leatherette and has an excellent design with a sleek and smooth surface.


  • There is no room for other accessories, and you can only fit one set of darts.

8. Casemaster Sport Dart Case – Best Dart Case for Steel Tip Darts

Casemaster Sport Dart Case

If there is a best dart case for soft tip darts, there must be one for steel tip darts, Right? Well, there is, and the best pick for your steel tip darts is the Casemaster Sport Dart Case.

It looks like a typical case, but it’s more than what it seems. The holsters are neatly stitched, ensuring that they are attached for that added strength. Furthermore, you can choose from three colors – red, green, and black.

Although the Casemaster Sport Dart Case can only hold three assembled darts with open flights, it has more compartments to store other accessories. For a small bag, the additional storage area can fit extra flights, tips, and shafts.

The interior is made of rigid EVA foam that keeps everything intact and secure. And with a ziplock, you are assured that your darts won’t fall off the case. When it comes to its physical attributes, you’ll appreciate its rigid outer shell that can withstand impacts and drops.

The Casemaster Sport Dart Case has a sleek design. Whenever you bring it with you, you will look like a professional darts player. Moreover, the rugged surface on the outer shell prevents it from sliding off your hand.


  • With stitched holsters, this dart case is compact.
  • It’s lightweight with a rigid construction; can’t easily be broken.
  • For a small dart case, it has enough compartments for your darts and other accessories.


  • The flights can be damaged if they are not placed properly into the dart slots.

9. Casemaster Sentry Dart Case – Best Budget

Casemaster Sentry Dart Case

Last but not least is the budget dart case, Casemaster Sentry Dart Case. It has a slim body with an EVA outer shell. It is a perfect choice for both soft and steel tip darts.

It’s one of the most affordable dart cases there is, and it’s an excellent choice for beginners. You can choose from three different colors – blue, green, and red.

Built with rigid foam slots, the Casemaster Sentry Dart Case is spacious enough to fit in six completely assembled darts without damaging their open flights.

It also features a smooth glide zip for easy opening. With a Tactech hard shell, this case is durable enough to keep the contents from getting damaged due to strong impacts.

Aside from that, this dart case looks professional with its sleek design. You can also easily hold it because of its textured surface.

Best of all, the Casemaster Sentry Dart Case comes with extra six compartments where you can put additional tips, shafts, and flights. You can even use it as personal storage for your cash, cards, keys, and other items that can fit.


  • With a textured surface and Tactech hard shell, this dart case looks sleek and durable.
  • The rigid foam keeps the darts from getting damaged, and it’s spacious enough for six assembled darts.
  • It has extra compartments but is still affordable and an excellent choice for beginners.


  • There is not enough space between darts, so putting them in or taking them out may damage the flights.

Things to Consider when Buying A Dart Case

You have already known nine of the best dart cases on the market, but is that enough to make the final choice? If you’re still unsure of what to choose, this buying guide will help you make the decision. Apparently, there are several factors to consider, and let’s find them out one by one.

1. Material

This is no particular order, but let’s start with the dart case material. It’s an important factor because your choice of material determines what type of darts player you are. 

If you’re constantly moving from one place to another, your case should be made of hard materials to prevent your equipment from damaging. But if playing darts is just a fun hobby, you don’t have to choose the most sophisticated dart case. You can settle for a soft, easy-to-carry holder.

  • Plastic: The cheapest options are made of plastic, but they don’t guarantee protection for your darts. Although plastic dart cases are easier and lighter to carry, they can break after a few substantial impacts. This type of material is best for those who are playing darts for fun.
  • Fabric or Nylon: For those who like dart cases with soft covers, go for cases made of fabric or nylon. They may not look professional, but they provide more areas for your darts and accessories. They also offer better protection than plastic dart cases. If you fill it up with many items, you’ll feel the heaviness of the case while carrying it.
  • Metal: Don’t be surprised if you see the price tag of metal dart cases. They are usually the most expensive options you can have. Metal dart cases offer a rigid and durable storage method. They are excellent for traveling and last longer than the ones made of nylon or plastic. They also have a more compact interior and a better locking system.
  • Wood: This is a rare material for a dart case. Most of the time, they are custom-made, making them more expensive than metal dart cases. They also look exquisite and are an excellent display at home.

2. Size and Storage Capacity

The bigger the size of the dart case, the larger the storage capacity it offers. However, some dart cases can look big and bulky, but they can only hold a few darts and accessories. So make sure to check the case before making the purchase.

If you’re a darts player or an enthusiast, the best choice is a large dart case that can hold more than one set of darts. It should have enough compartments for other components like tips, shafts, and flights. It will also be an advantage if the case has a handle to carry it easily.

There is no need to buy a big dart case if playing darts is just a pastime. If you want to show off your collection, then, by all means, a sophisticated-looking case is a perfect choice.

3. Types of Darts

There are two types of darts: steel and soft tips. Fortunately, most dart cases can hold both types of darts. But if you want to separate the steel tips from the soft tips, it’s ideal to buy one case for each type. Steel tip darts are better placed in hard cases, while soft tip darts are inside soft holders.

Learn More: Soft Tip Darts vs. Steel Tip Darts: Which One to Choose?

4. Purpose

Last but not least is the purpose. Are you using the dart case for competitions and traveling, or is it just for personal use?

If you participate in different tournaments, both local and international, you’re always traveling. When you travel, there is a tendency that your darts may fall, get damaged, or get lost along the way. 

To avoid that from happening, it is wise to invest in a sturdy and compact dart case. It’s usually made of metal or wood, and it can be costly, but that’s fine. It lasts longer, and you don’t have to spend on dart cases from time to time.

However, if your darts are just for home use, you don’t have to spend so much on expensive dart cases. Of course, you need to organize the darts and other accessories. You don’t want to put them everywhere, do you? With that, the best choice will be a fabric or nylon dart case with many compartments if possible.

Final Words

If you were to pick one, go for the Editor’s Pick. If you’re looking for a particular material for a dart case, you’re free to choose which one you like from the list above.

In case it gets too difficult to choose, follow the buying guide. Read that to help you find which one works best for you. There is no need to rush in buying a dart case. Take your time to make the purchase worth it. Good luck!

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