13 Coolest & Most Unique Billiard Ball Sets That Stand Out

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Billiard balls are small hard balls that are used in cue sports such as Carom, Pool, and Snooker. Whether you are a new player who wants to improve his/her game or a severe player, you may find the same old cue balls kind of dull.

Standard cue balls do the job just fine, but they have a dated and boring feel about them. It may not matter to many players; after all, those balls have been around for years. However, the same old antique design of classic billiard balls isn’t for everyone. Some players prefer a design that is unique, new, and exciting.

A player may pick a design that suits him/her better. Fortunately for them, many pool ball manufacturers make cue balls in unique designs for their buyers. Some cue balls help bring more energy and zeal to the game with their different and attractive designs.

They aren’t just made pretty; the use of advanced technology and material helps improve their construction, durability, and momentum. If you ready to bid adieu to our old billiard balls, then scroll below to the list of some coolest balls in the market.

1. GSE Games & Sports Expert Billiard Balls

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This AAA grade billiard ball set is made from polyester resin, making it highly resistant to scratches and collision impact. These balls have a diameter of 2.25 inches and weigh 168 grams. They are perfect for American pool games.

In this set of 16 balls, 7 are solid-colored balls with a marbleized design. And the other 7 balls have a milky white base color and a thick colored stripe, obviously with the marbleized design. One ball is black art numbered 8 ball, and there is one pure white cue ball. These balls don’t only look nice; they are engineered for exact roundness and balance.

2. Aramith Glow In The Dark

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This ball set is perfect for those players who want to bring some fun to the pool table. This ball set by Aramith glows in the dark. The fluorescent effect is clearly shown in the dark. This set has 16 balls with yellow, orange, blue, red, and green colors.

The fluorescent phenolic balls are numbered clearly from 1 to 15 in black digits on yellow circles. The size of the balls is 2.25 inches. This set comes with a reflective cushion tube, cue rings with break spots, and rail sign stickers.

You should be careful of counterfeits, especially for Aramith pool balls. There are many fake manufacturers out there deceiving consumers with duplicitous products. Learn how to spot genuine Aramith pool balls and what they look like so as not to be fooled by the fakes!

3. Pro Series Fusion Ball Set

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This set of pool balls looks very unique and beautiful with its marbleized design. It is a complete set of 15 balls and one cue ball. The base colors are red, green, orange, yellow, and milky white. The colors of the glossy balls are dark and give the balls a serious vibe.

The marbleized design looks like a black plume of smoke rising inside the ball. It looks very cool. 15 balls are numbered clearly in large white digits. The size and weight of the balls are regulated. Customers love these balls for their cool design and quality.

4. Japer Bees Billiard Balls Set

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If you are not strictly looking for regulation billiard balls and just want to have fun with your friends, you can consider this set of balls. These pretty balls are ¾ the weight of regulation balls, and the weight difference is so noticeable on the table.

These balls are beautiful with a pearlescent design. 7 balls are solid colored with a pearl-like shine to them. The other 7 balls have a white background with a thick colored stripe. One ball is a black 8 numbered ball, and one is a white cue ball. These balls have a good bounce, balance, and spin for jump and trick shots.

5. Aramith Stone Collection Balls

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This attractive set of 16 pool balls have a granite finish, which looks beautiful. It can bring a more upscale look to your home table. They are regulation balls with a 2.25 inches diameter, which is appropriate enough for American pool games.

All of the balls are made with phenolic resin. The balls are not just painted on top; they are through and through the same color shown on top. All the balls are numbered clearly in black digits in white circles. They are perfectly round with a high luster finish, which ensures the durability and longevity of the balls.

6. McDermott Galaxy Series Ball Set

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This ball set is the definition of uniqueness. This Galaxy series ball set looks like something out of space. They have a shiny gray base, with 7 of them having colored stripes. And the other 7 balls are plain gray with colored circles. The 8 numbered ball is black with a gray stripe and a black circle. The cue ball is full black.

These balls are of regulation size and weight but not used so often in tournaments. They can surely bring some aesthetic look to your pool table. These metallic silver balls are made from professional-grade resin, which ensures exceptional quality and durability.

7. Epco Billiard Balls

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If you are looking for uniqueness, you can’t pass these balls up. These regulation-size balls are clear with a colored stripe. The technology used in the construction of these balls dates back to the 1980s. The balls are perfectly round but slightly lighter than regulation balls.

These balls are checked for impurities with a magnifying glass so that the clearness of the balls is not marred. 15 balls are numbered in large, gold letterings, which looks very cool on the home table. Customers love them for their uniqueness, but some of them complain about the lightness of the balls.

8. Harley-Davidson Billiard Balls

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This ball set looks serious with its H-D bar and Shield log, and accent flames on either side. These high-quality balls are regulation size, weight, and roundness. You can bring some extra excitement and seriousness to your pool table with this professional set of balls.

These balls are perfectly balanced for consistency and accurate game. Like other sets of billiard balls, this one also includes 7 solid-colored balls, 7 striped balls, one black ball, and one white cue ball. Customers also love these high gloss finish balls for their design and performance on the table.

9. Collapsar Deluxe Billiard Balls

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This set of balls is made with polyester resin. These 2.25 inches balls follow the regulation size, weight, and roundness. They will ensure you great playability and durability. And most importantly, they have a very cool design with bright colors and a marble swirl design.

The surface of the balls is coated with fade-resistant luster technology that makes the ball resistant preventing colors from fading too soon. All the 15 balls are numbered with white digits except for the 8 numbered ball that has a red color. And as is customary, there is one white cue ball.

10. Empire USA Billiard Ball Set

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These regulation-size balls are also made of high-quality resin. They are perfectly round for better playability and consistency in the game. The cue ball is pure white. 7 balls have solid colors with clack numbers printed on them in white circles. The 8 numbered ball is black, with the 8 printed on it in a white circle.

The other 7 balls have a white background with a thick, colored stripe. Numbers on these balls are also printed in black in white circles. The size and weight of the balls are standard. The only thing that makes this ball set unique is that they glow in the dark without a black light. Other than that, this is just another set of classic balls.

11. Aramith Camouflage Collection Billiard Ball Set

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No one can beat Aramith when it comes to making uniquely designed billiard ball sets. This is the third set of balls by them in this article that we are talking about. If you are any army fan, a hunting enthusiast, or if you just enjoy camouflage, you will be overjoyed with the design of this ball set.

It has 15 numbered balls in which seven are solid colored, seven are striped, and one is grey and green 8 numbered ball while one is a white cue ball. Because of the modern camouflage design, these balls have a glossy appearance. They are regulation size – not to mention ideal for American pool games.

12. Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Billiard Ball Set

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These high-quality balls have been designed for NFL fans. 7 balls are painted with home colors, and the other 7 balls are painted with the away team colors. The graphics are digitally printed to make sure the logo looks good. The balls are numbered in clear, bold digits. The 8 numbered ball is white with a black circle encircling the black 8 number.

The cue ball is all white, with the NFL logo clearly printed on it. The balls are made from grade-A polyester resin that is resistant to chipping and cracking. Also, the size and weight of these balls comply with the standard.

13. Iszy Billiard Ball Set

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These regulation size and weight balls are made with high-grade polyester resin. They have a marble swirl design. The cue ball is pure milky white. 1 to 7 numbered balls have a solid colored background with black marble swirls. The numbers are clearly printed on them in white.

The 8 numbered ball is white with black swirls and 8 printed on it in bold red. The balls numbered 9 to 15 also have a colored background with white swirls in it. And the numbers are printed in bold black digits. These unique looking balls offer great playability at an affordable price.

To Conclude

Billiard sports have been played by millions for years. The standard balls commonly used perform well without problem but are dull. You can bring excitement to the game table with uniquely designed balls that we have mentioned in this article.

These balls are all of high quality but not necessarily regulation size and weight. Regardless, you will have fun with these beautiful balls.

Daniel Bouie
Daniel Bouie
Daniel Bouie has been playing and helping others learn the ins and outs of pool for eight years. His profound love for the game inspired him to become a qualified billiard instructor in 2015. He frequently practices in his spare time and teaches private lessons to novice and intermediate players.

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