How to Identify Authentic Aramith Pool Balls

Those well versed in the pool game know the constant confusion of identifying balls from fake to genuine. As the game is extremely popular, there are varying ranges of pool balls, and with those come imitations.

A widely popular discussion topic among pool fans is the Aramith balls. They are of premium quality and thus the favorite of many pro players. Nonetheless, buying online can often lead to scams.

In this article, we will tell you everything about Aramith balls and how to identify them. Moreover, we will explain why these balls are all the rage and whether they are worth your money and consideration or not. So, let’s get to it!

Aramith Balls

Aramith Pool Balls

Before we dive into the profile identification of Aramith balls, it is essential to understand what they are all about and why they are so popular. These premium grade pool balls have been around for quite a while and have garnered a good repute. Many significant tournaments have used Aramith pool balls in them.

Aramith balls are a product of Saluc, a globally famous company. They are not only limited to the pool but also reign supreme in snooker and carom. Moreover, they are the official ball sponsors of the American Poolplayers Association. Therefore, it is easy to understand why identifying Aramith balls is something pool enthusiasts discuss.

If you are watching a pool game on your TV, high chances are they are using Aramith balls. The majority of billiards associations all over the world also endorse Aramith pool balls.

Some Identification Factors

Say you purchased an Aramith ball set from some website and paid a reasonable sum. Or think you got a good bargain but are still unsure about their identification. Here are some pointers to help you deduce if you have genuine Aramith pool balls and which set.

  • Aramith balls arrive in a marked green or white box with their brand name spread all over the box.
  • The 9 on the Aramith balls have a straight underline on them, not a curved one.
  • The 5 on the Aramith balls has a curly part touching the middle bar.

Another identifying factor is- If the numbers are in the stripes, they are Aramith Standard balls. If the numbers are in the white areas of the balls, they are the Premier set.

One Brand Product

Aramith balls are the exclusive production of a Saluc, which should be your first significant identification factor. The company has been around for decades, and the Aramith balls are its famous and proud creation. Therefore, if you feel the brand name is not accurate, the pool balls are fake. Aramith’s are the only pool balls that Belgium manufactures.

Signature Material

Saluc utilizes its exclusive phenolic resin specifically for the creation of these pool balls. Most other pool ball brand materials are either polymers or polyester. The issue there remains that polymers and polyester materials are highly prone to damage. They wear and burn out quickly on the pool table.

Extreme Durability

Another identifying factor is how long-lasting and durable genuine Aramith balls are. After some usage, you can decipher some wear signs on your pool balls. However, Aramith, with its phenolic material, has proved itself to be long-lasting. They also reduce table wear.

Moreover, Aramith balls will retain their color, luster, and shape no matter how heavy the usage. Therefore, if you purchased Aramith pool balls and they are already showing signs of wear and getting faded, they are not genuine.

Aramith Balls are Expensive

Every pool player wants to get the best, but Aramith balls come with a hefty price tag. Although it is tempting to grab a bargain on eBay or Goodwill selling Aramith balls in a reasonable price range, there are high chances of them being fake. With their exclusive formula, Aramith balls are a choice of pros. They do not come reasonably even if they are second-hand.  

Why Are Aramith Balls All The Rage?

While we contemplate identification aspects for Aramith balls, it is easy to wonder what is so special about these balls if you are new to the pool. Why pool buffs talk so much about them and want them?

Aside from being a high brand name, pool associations’ endorsement, and a constant choice of tournament level sports, here are the reasons for its popularity.

Amazing Performance

In the precision game of pool, having the right balance and density is the key. Therefore, Aramith balls, with their phenolic resin’s distinct characteristics, make it possible to accomplish uniform balance and thickness throughout every ball. It implies that the center of gravity is always in the middle of the ball. It enables every ball to perform well and give you maximum advantage.

Engineering like No Other

Besides the fine molecular structure of the Aramith balls, their engineering consists of various qualities like roundness, brilliance, diameter tolerance, surface polish, and color accuracy. Not only do these pool balls get constant checks via computers during and post-forming, but they also get hand-checked before getting packaged.

Some of the pool balls they produce are totally different from regular ones. They’re more like art and look fabulous on the pool table. You don’t want to miss checking out some of the best unique pool balls made by Aramith.

Are They Worth The Price Tag?

Aramith pool balls are certainly more costly than most other brands on the market. And suppose you only play a few times a year or are not enthusiastic about developing your abilities. In that case, you are better off with a cheaper set of pool balls. 

However, suppose you play often and are always seeking better options to hone your skills. In that case, Aramith is a good investment for you. After individual testing by many, Amarith pool balls maintain their properties five times higher than polyester balls. 

Not only do they enable exceptional pool game performance, but they also are an excellent option for the long term.

Final Words

Equipment in any game is vital. Therefore, it is imperative to know if what you are purchasing is genuine. Aramith balls are highly desirable by pool players for their lasting qualities. You must know how to identify them so that you may not make a wrong purchase. We hope this article helps you understand Aramith balls better and helps make your pool game even more vital.

Daniel Bouie
Daniel Bouie
Daniel Bouie has been playing and helping others learn the ins and outs of pool for eight years. His profound love for the game inspired him to become a qualified billiard instructor in 2015. He frequently practices in his spare time and teaches private lessons to novice and intermediate players.

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