STIGA XTR Ping Pong Table Review (2024 Edition)

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There is something so beautiful about the game of table tennis. From being a high adrenaline sport to a leisure activity, this game has got it all. Great game for sure! If you want to play table tennis for entertainment, then having an outdoor ping pong table is what you should look for.

A table light in weight and low on your budget is what you need. For all the required outdoor features united in one table, the STIGA XTR is definitely a smart choice.

Quick Overview

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We are not saying it is the only table that you should buy. However, you will find it hard to keep this little beauty out of the list of best outdoor ping pong tables. We will discuss the pros and cons in a while! But there are so many features of this quality table that we might not be able to mention in this small space. For example, the all-weather friendliness of this table.

The STIGA XTR outdoor table tennis table is a state-of-the-art table that is specially designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. The price is very low as compared to other tables of similar quality. And after all, it is your wallet that makes the final call, not you! However, the advantage you get in this table is that you get a lot of quality at a friendly price tag!


  • Thick Tabletop: The solid 6mm thick tabletop provides a great bounce to the ball.
  • Greater Endurance: The durable frame is waterproof and is prone to get warped or rusted.
  • Easily Foldable: The self-opening legs of this table makes it an easy to be folded table.
  • Easily Movable: The 3″ wheels allow the movement of the table to be very easy.
  • Fast Assembly: Its Quick-play design makes it be assembled in less than 15 minutes.
  • Solo Playback Mode: The table can be folded on one side and played against its surface for solo training.


  • Not Thick Enough: There are thicker tables than this one in the market that gives better bounce
  • Quite Heavy:  There are lighter products available in the market than this one.

Breaking Down the Irresistible Features

The XTR has a number of remarkable features that make it unique and a considerable item to be bought by ping pong lovers. Let’s take a look at a few of them first before we jump into conclusion.

Table Composition

The tabletop is made up of plastic and aluminum. This composition makes this table more durable in harsh weather conditions. The waterproof feature of this table makes it prone to get warped. Similarly, heat and humidity have no effects on the table. The rust and sun are also not going to fade your table anytime soon.

Without a worry, you can leave your table outside for days or weeks, and nothing will happen to it. A separate waterproof cover is recommended for this table but is not necessary. Your table is going to be just fine, even without that.

The 6mm thick tabletop lets you spin the ball as much to your heart’s desire, although it depends on the rubber that your racquet is featuring as well! The 1.5-inch tubular steel powder-coated apron also makes the ball to bounce up and down with uniformity.

The entire construction of the table is superb and has no flimsy parts. It is different than the standard wood table, which provides a glossy finish and a unique sound. It gives you the feel of playing over metal, which has been found very much attractive by ping pong lovers.


After your super matches with friends and family, you can just fold the table and put it anywhere you want. The two halves of the table are having separate caster beams. After both the halves are folded, the table turns into minimal storage dimensions- W: 60″ D: 23″ H: 64″.

The two table halves get into each other very easily and make it something very convenient to store. The opening legs of this table allow you to make it ready for playing without putting in any effort. It comes 95% pre-assembled and can be set up quickly.

Easy to Move Around

For easy mobility, the manufacturers have added 3″ ball bearing wheels that roll the table smoothly on plane surfaces. There is also a lock feature over the wheels to prevent the table from moving while you are playing.

So just take your table anywhere outside your home, lock the wheels, adjust the heights, and start smashing. You can roll the table very conveniently to the storage position after you are done playing.

Solo Playback Mode

The very unique feature which makes this table different from others is its playback mode for individual practice. The solo playback feature means that you can put half of the table to your front to play against, just like a wall to practice with. This feature is very much useful for those who want to train for their upcoming tournaments from home.

Both the halves of this table can be separated, and a single half can be used for playing solo. Not only can the table be used for solo practice, but it also provides a free-standing multi-purpose table for dining, playing cards, etc.


This table is designed for users of all heights. The legs of the table can be adjusted to a height of one’s desire and then locked at that particular point. You need not buy separate tables for different heights. The STIGA XTR is a universal table made for everyone.

High-Quality Net

This table includes a 72″ exterior grade net for excellent playability. This net system is adjustable as per the wish of the player. Not only is the table going to last all the weather conditions, but the manufacturers have also taken care of the net to have this capability. As a result, the net of this table got exceptional durability with a perfect tension setting.

Detailed Finishing

With having so many quality features, the company has not compromised the design and outlook of the table. The finishing painting of this table is very detailed and won’t fade out when exposed to sunlight, water, dust, humidity, etc. The glaring effect of this table catches the player’s eye. Its attractive blue color makes it possible to be played under sunlight without having any visibility issues.

Less Storage

You do not have to worry about finding a huge space for the storage because as soon as you play and want to bring your table indoors from outdoors, you can just fold your table and keep it at a storage location of very minimal capacity.

The self-opening or folding feature of this table gives you the ability to do all of it automatically. Both the halves can get nested into each other, making it half the size of what it is when opened.

Low Price & Customer Satisfaction

If you are looking around for a high-quality table with so many extraordinary features, then you might be thinking of it to be heavily priced. But that’s not correct to what you are thinking.

The STIGA XTR is one of the best outdoor table tennis tables with a low price as compared to its competitors. It is the best bargain that you are going to get at such a low price with so many features.

Customers throughout the world who have bought this table are quite satisfied with it. This table is used and loved by everyone, from professionals to recreational players. Plus, the highly ranked reviews on major e-commerce websites guarantee the satisfaction of the customer who has purchased this product.


The two products are pretty much the same, with the pro version having very few improvements made to it. While the STIGA XTR is an exceptional table for the outdoors, the design of the STIGA XTR Pro manages more uses at a single time. The aluminum composite top ensures all-weather protection, and the folding design is very much convenient for storage. The quick and easy assembly of this product is also a remarkable feature.


The STIGA XTR is a durable outdoor table that can be perfectly fitted in the patio or garage. It’s aluminum all-weather construction makes it to be stable in any extreme weather condition, making it neither rust nor warp. It can be easily transported and is very compact from a storage point of view.

The JOOLA Nova is a no-hassle quick setup with a pre-assembly of 95% ready to play table made up of aluminum-plastic composite service and having a thickness of 6 mm. It is a quality table for outdoor competition-grade 9×5 foot regulation size.


Stiga XTR is ideal for recreational playing purposes with a relatively low price than its other competitors. It can be used for solo playing, a single-player mode, or even a team play. The unique playback feature is fantastic for personal training, which lets you improve your skills before the tournaments. 

The bounce of the ball over the table is just perfect! Overall, it is a modern, convenient, and durable table and also a highly recommended product for regular or recreational players.

The product comes with a 1-year warranty, which makes it a worthy investment. If you receive the item in a slightly damaged condition due to transportation issues, then claiming the warranty allows you to get your item replaced.

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Bradley Anderson
Bradley Anderson
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