10 Different Types Of Pool Cues You Need To Know About

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Pool has been around for decades. It is traditionally played with English billiard sticks and snooker sticks. But do you know that there are various other types of pool sticks? Apart from the snooker and billiard cues, there is a lot of variety out there. These different types of pool cues are used in different games or situations.

Some have bigger tips for covering a large surface area, while others tend to have a lightweight to provide quick movements. Even more so, they come in different lengths that serve different purposes.

We have therefore compiled a list of the different types of pool sticks that you can choose from. If you are curious to find out what other types of pool sticks are there, keep on reading.

1. Snooker Cues

Man Playing with Snooker Cues

Snooker cues are different from other cues in the sense that they are used for very different games and therefore have different make. These have a size of almost 56 to 59 inches and are typically made from ash wood. 

The tip is 9 to 10 mm, and the connector is mostly made of brass. It has a bigger tip, which gives a bigger surface area to hit the ball. These sticks are highly stable and strong, thanks to the ash wood. 

Some of the best snooker cues available right now are Mark Richard, a 3/4 Piece snooker cue that comes in 57 inches. It is a handmade snooker kit made from ash wood. Another excellent handmade equipment would be T&R sports MACE, also a 3/4 Piece 57 Inch cue kit. 

If you are looking for something with a class, just go with the CUESOUL 3/4 Jointed Snooker Cue 57 inch, which is handcrafted by Cuesoul.


  • High-quality Ashwood that prolongs the life of your cue.
  • Long length; suitable for all types of cue games.
  • Highly stable for accurate and precise shots.

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2. English Cues

The English cues are similar to snooker cues. They are so similar that it is hard to differentiate between them. The only difference comes with the length of these sticks. While the length of snooker sticks can vary between 56 to 59 inches, the standard size of an English cue is 57 inches.

They also have a conveniently placed butt that allows the player to have much greater control over the ball and helps in making shots that are far away. The tip is 8 to 9.5 mm, which is perfect for 2.55 mm balls.

Some of the best English Cue sticks available are the CUESOUL 57 inches that are available in three weights: 19/20/21 oz and is made of maple wood. If you want something within budget, SHOOTERS Pool Cue 2-Piece 57 inches is the best option. And if you are looking for a very long cue, then AB Earth 2-Piece 58 inches is a perfect choice.


  • Premium quality makes sure that you only need one cue for your games.
  • 59 inches of length makes these cues suitable for snooker games with full-size tables.
  • As they are highly stable, they provide a greater control.

3. American Pool Cues

American cues are usually made of maple, just like the English cues. Their size varies from 57 to 58 inches and is the standard pool cue size in the American industry. That doesn’t mean that you cannot have American cues in different lengths. They are available in extra-long and short lengths as well. 

You can also have a custom made American stick. Most of the pros prefer handcrafted sticks. They have a much larger tip than the snooker or English cues, and this is what primarily differentiates them from the English cues. They also come in different weights, and you can choose between them according to your preference.

Some of the best American pool cues available are Eight Ball Mafia EBM02 for its gorgeous design and sleek look. Another solid cue stick is the PhoenixHit Pool Cue Stick, which is known for its high stability. For something specifically made for professionals, we would recommend the GSE Games & Sports Expert.


  • High-quality maple wood for a smooth rolling experience.
  • Large tips; best for hitting large size balls.
  • Variety of weights to choose from to find the best fit for yourself.

4. Carbon Fiber Pool Cues

Two Carbon Fiber Pool Cues

Pool cues have a new player on the block: carbon fiber. Made of one of the strongest materials on earth through a mixture of chemical and mechanical processes, carbon fiber pool cues offer a new perspective on playing pool altogether for players.

Carbon can, after all, become a diamond. However, this new material comes with its own set of assets and drawbacks like any other material.

Due to the very nature of carbon, carbon fiber is a sturdier choice for pool cues while remaining lightweight, unlike wood, where one may have to sacrifice weight for strength.

Unfortunately, also due to the nature of carbon fibers, if the cue does become damaged, it can be difficult to repair at home.

Another facet that might give potential buyers pause is the hefty price tag, but as it takes a great deal to damage carbon fiber in the first place, many consider this an investment.

For beginner players wanting to get into carbon fiber cues, the KONLLEN Professional Technology Deflection Billiard cue is a great place to start. This cue has several high reviews already from both experienced and novice players and is often compared to more expensive brands.

For intermediate players, the Meucci Carbon Fiber Pro Shaft V2, and while the price tag may be higher, it remains easy to handle while being made for professionals.

A great example of a cue made to be used by pool professionals in competitions is the Predator SP2 Revo 6. The Predator name is already a big player in the pool world, but this cue is a favorite among players not just because it plays well in professional games but the quality of the craftsmanship.


  • Easier to clean and maintain.
  • They can withstand temperature and weather changes that might warp other materials.
  • Known for their low deflection, meaning the cue ball deflection is reduced and allows the player more control over the ball.

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5. Fiberglass Pool Cues

The fiberglass pool sticks have recently been gaining popularity. You will find these in the collection of a lot of pool players. As they are made of fiberglass, they are considerably lighter than the wooden pool sticks. These are good for beginners as they are comparatively easy to move around and handle them. 

They come in two types of built. The pin construction and the joint type. The pin construction has titanium pins which are used to perform power shots. The joint type has a joint made out of metal, which allows for greater control.

Some of the best fiberglass pool sticks are the Viper Graphstrike 58″ pool cue and the GSE Games & Sports Expert Fiber, which is preferred by many enthusiasts. The Viper Revolution Spider is popular among those people who want to show off their cue.


  • Lightweight design makes these cues ideal for breaking.
  • They are easy to handle, which gives your precision in your moves.
  • The design also promotes high powered shots owing to their lightness.

6. Stock Cues

Stock or Ramin cues are the club cues. You will generally find these in a bar or a pub. They are unlikely to be a part of a professional setup. The major difference between these sticks and others is that they are made in one piece and come as stock sticks that come with the table. 

These sticks are also very cheap and are commonly found in every club or pub. Mostly they don’t have separate tips attached to the top of the stick, for this reason alone, you can end up missing some of your shots. They are just used for having fun and are not suitable for tournaments.

Some of the best stock cues that you can get right now are Valley House Bar Pool Cue Sticks, the Havoc One Piece House PoolViper 1-Piece. All of these cues are stock cues that come with their respective tables. There is not much difference in their quality and functioning.


  • Best companions for having outdoor fun.
  • One-piece stick that can be best utilized in pubs.
  • Easy to handle with exceptional stability for precision in your shots.

7. Wooden Pool Cues

Four Wooden Pool Cues

The wooden pool cues are traditional old school cues that have been used since the advent of the pool. If you want to have a more vintage feel, you better choose a wooden pool cue. These are traditionalist’s cues and are preferred by people who want to have an impact partly because of the sound it produces when you hit the ball. 

These cues come in different hardness and tips as well. Before choosing, you must consider what your personal preference is. The tips are also very versatile as they are custom made for achieving different pool tricks like spin, jump, etc. This is achieved by softer tips. But they do tend to wear out faster as well, so choose wisely.

One of the best wooden pool sticks is GSE Games & Sports Expert  (used in many professional tournaments). AB Earth 2-Piece  and East Eagle 36 Inch, both of which are made of finest quality wood.


  • Soft leather tip made of compressed leather.
  • Robust yet lightweight; assists in aiming the shots.
  • High impact.

8. Lightweight Cues

Lightweight cues are specifically made for beginners or for those who want greater handling. They are very easy to maneuver and move around and also provide exceptional handling. Typically these sticks are between 19 to 19.5 ounces.  

Lighter cues are generally quicker than other cues, which means that they have good potential for power shots if your angels are good. These cues are popular among beginners as they have lesser chances of slipping.

Some of the best lightweight pool sticks are Aska L2 Billiard Pool Cue Stick, the Short 42″ 2 Piece Hardwood Maple Pool Cue, and the Viper Commercial. All of these cues are used by players who prefer power over precision.


  • They give you exceptional power for far way shots.
  • Quicker shots; allow you to clear the table more quickly.
  • The lightweight prevents slips and jerks.

9. Medium Weight Cues

A medium-weight pool stick is generally considered to be somewhere around 20 ounces. It is a nice place to start, especially if you are a beginner. In pubs, you are most likely to find these types of cues. This weight class allows you to judge yourself before deciding what kind of pool stick you will need. 

For most people, these sticks are fairly easy to use. However, there are some drawbacks, only for professionals. Beginners are likely to not complain about these sticks. This is a mid-ground between lighter and heavier sticks, so you get the best of both worlds.

Some of the best medium weight pool sticks are the Izsty Short 48″ 2 PieceAska Mixed Length Cues, and the Viper Junior 48″. Mostly used in pubs and also found with some pool owners, these pool sticks are the all-rounder.


  • Their medium weight makes them very easy to handle.
  • As they are not so heavy to handle, they are popular among beginners.
  • Owing to their medium weight, it can be best used for pubs where players from different skills compete.

10. Heavy Weight Cues

The bigger the weight, the powerful the shots will be if the player knows how to use the weight to his advantage. For those players who like their cues to feel in their hands, heavyweight cues are here for them. They may not be able to move as fast as the lighter cues, but they certainly are useful for power shots. 

They may pack some power in them but owing to their weight, unseasoned players cannot move the ball to its max speed, and as a result, the ball moves slowly on the table. Not a good choice for straight shots, but they are best suited for making spins and side spins, which is great if you like doing tricks on the table.

Some of the best heavyweight pool sticks are Viper Graphstrike, the Iszy Billiards, and this beautiful silver metallic Billiard Cue Stick made by billiard trademark games.


  • Owing to their design, they are best for spinning.
  • Their heavyweight allows you to make power shots.
  • Their potential is best recognized by the seasoned players only.

Final Words

While you may be playing with the right pool stick, you may be leaving out on other sticks like the ones mentioned in this list, which could increase your potential.

Along with the different types, we have provided the best pool sticks within that type, so you don’t have to do the manual work of scraping the web for the right stick for you. So what are you waiting for? Go and add some beautiful cues to your collection.

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