Meucci Pool Cues Review: Which One Is Best For You?

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In the world of billiards, there are certain renowned brands that have become consumer favorites. One such brand is Meucci, which has named a name for itself as a valuable and leading pool cue manufacturer.

Meucci follows a certain standard when creating their well-hyped pool cues — that is, a sleek-designed cue that prioritizes performance. The company’s goal is to produce merchandise that highlights the power and maximizes each hit while requiring less effort from the user.

High-quality cues do not fall short with Meucci simply because they understand the significance of having reliable equipment for the game.

Hence, they have created professional-grade cues that live up to the high standards they are known for while still straying the category of affordable pool cues.

Since Meucci understands value, they provide it with every single pool cue or pool merchandise they launch. Let’s take a look at the superior pool cues that Meucci has to offer.

5 Of The Best Meucci Cues Reviewed

1. Meucci SB1-S Handcrafted Billiards Pool Cue Stick – Editor’s Choice

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The Meucci SB1-S belongs to the SB series, which is a collection of cues made specifically for Southern Billiards. Everything in the lineup is sure to impress, with the standard of quality never before seen in Meucci Cues.

At first glance, what’s noticeable about the Meucci SB1-S cue stick is its sleek design, boasting of a smoke-stained maple with checkered rings. The stick is wrapped with white linen and coated with lacquer for that majestic look and smooth feel.

Perhaps the best thing about pools belonging to the SB series is that they’re each handcrafted, which means that all of them are customized to meet the needs of competitive players. The SB is an exclusive line that passes as a collectible.

But more than the aesthetics, the quality also deserves the spotlight. It holds the same quality standard that Meucci is known for, the 5/16×18 steel pin joint and the patented Meucci Classic Pro taper shaft.


  • The Meucci SB1-S Pool Cue Stick is handcrafted, meaning that it can meet the specific and unique requirements of players of Southern Billiards. 
  • The SB1-S is specifically made for competitive games and houses the features & standards needed to deliver. 
  • This particular cue belongs to an exclusive and limited-production line that makes it a collectible, able to be used with pride by pool players. 
  • The quality of this one is unprecedented while still being similar to the Meucci standards that pool players know and love. 
  • The SB-1’s weight of 19 oz. makes it just the right weight for even and balanced play. 


  • Being a limited edition piece, it can be rather expensive.
  • Some purchasers have complained about the tip of the stick not being furnished and pre-chalked. 

Bottom Line

Thoughts about this cue stick may vary depending on user needs and preferences. However, it stands true to the standards that its manufacturer is known for. With a refreshing design and superior quality, this one is made best for professionals. Also, it’s handcrafted to suit the needs of every competitive player to make sure that they’re getting the utmost best out of it.

2. Meucci Black Knight Pool Cue – Best for Balance

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Those who have been fans of the Meucci since their budding pool playing days will be familiar with the Black Knight. It was one of the first-generation Meucci offerings that people in the industry knew and learned to love. But the Black Knight now comes back better than ever with features and a design that is sure to impress.

The Black Knight Cue boasts of a sleek design, with four points across its Birdseye maple forearm. It’s accented with black, orange, green, and maple veneers that surround the pitch-black center to give it a classy and refreshing look.

The stick has a black and white speck linen wrap and is coated with a protective polymer to finish off the outstanding and intricate design.

The Meucci Black Knight Cue is hailed as the best for balance and even weight distribution thanks to its tip measuring 12.75 mm and 15” pro taper.

This specification was made to provide a superior feel and better handling balance. The weight is distributed evenly throughout the entire stick to make each hit a breeze.


  • The design of the Meucci Black Knight Cue speaks for itself, with superior materials and very intricate accents that give life to its overall look. 
  • The 12.75 mm tip and 15” Meucci pro taper specs help improve the feel and handling balance of the stick. 
  • Weight is evenly distributed throughout the stick for better and easier maneuverability and use. 
  • The shaft ensures a better quality of play. 
  • The Black Knight is available in 2 weights: 18 oz. and 21 oz. Hence, players can choose their specific preferences to supplement their pool games. 


  • The Black Knight doesn’t come with the Meucci case.
  • The gloss finish may not be ideal for some users. 

Bottom Line

If your priority as a pool player is superior handling capabilities and balance to pull off your shots, then the Black Knight is your armory. Coming back new and improved and making its presence known again, the specs and features of the Black Knight do not disappoint. It’s one of the few that offers better handling and even weight distribution to ensure better performance for any player.

3. Meucci M12 Pool Cue – Best Budget

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The Meucci M12 Pool Cue comes with a very simplistic design — which is something that many of its users love the most about it. Without all the bells and whistles seen in other cues and Meucci models, this one just focuses on performance — but also delivers a quality build and durable material to top it off.

This pool cue has the all too familiar smoke-colored stain, which is one of the most popular cue colors from the brand. The color of the body puts the wood grain of the stick in its best light.

The black plate is designed in plain black but is complemented by a double black with white speck wrap that improves its overall look. The bottom of the cue features white rings that enhance the aesthetic as well.

To finish the gorgeous design of this cue, it’s coated with Meucci’s signature polyurethane protective finish. Though simple, the design looks classy.

The joint measures 5/16×18, and its tip size is 12.25 mm to improve handling and performance. It shoots great every time and is comfortable to use with the perfect amount of balance.


  • The simple design of the M12 Pool Cue is something many players appreciate as it doesn’t have all the noise commonly found in pool cues. 
  • The materials used to make the M12 are highly durable and of quality, enabling longer use. 
  • Without all the bells and whistles of design and accent, the M12 Pool Cue can focus on delivering supreme performance. 
  • The 5/16 x 18 joint and 12.25 mm improve handling capacity and make every hit seamless. 
  • For its classic design and performance, the price is very affordable, making it great for beginners and budget-wary pool players. 


  • The Meucci M12 Pool Cue does not come with a case. 
  • The design may be too simple for veteran and competition players. 

Bottom Line

Just because a pool cue is at a lower price point doesn’t mean that its quality should be sabotaged. That’s something that Meucci understands, which is why they created the M12 for budget-conscious players. It has a simple design, but it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to performance, giving off great balance and ensuring a solid hit at all times.

4. Meucci HP01 Pool Cue – Best Performance

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Power and performance are what the Meucci HP01 Pool Cue has to boot, which is why it’s beloved by pool players — both beginners and veterans alike. The HP01 is a traditional pool cue, and it looks that way thanks to its antique-stained Birdseye Maple body and Ebony inlay points.

The butt of the cue is lined with veneers of different colors, including black, green, and white. It’s further accented with black window inlays and dotted diamond pearled accents.

The cue is coated with Irish linen wrap for a more comfortable hold and boasts of a Black Dot Bullseye shaft that’s made with 35 layers of laminated Hard Rock Maple.

The Meucci HP01 is easy to use and maneuver, with a classic 5/16 x 18 joint that delivers a secure fit. It helps offer smoothness with every stroke thanks to a 14 to 16-inch professional taper and polycarbonate ferrule to experience a softer hit. The tip is made of leather and measures 12.75 mm to provide the player with more consistency.


  • The joint and ferrule design of the HP01 delivers maximum performance while requiring minimal effort from the user. 
  • The weight of the HP01 can be adjusted to suit the needs and preferences of each player. 
  • The features offer smoother and softer hits, making every stroke count. 
  • The butt slice design helps amplify every stroke and prevents warpage. 
  • The HP01 has lower deflection to improve flex and maneuverability. 


  • The HP01 can be expensive. 
  • Some players do not appreciate the design that comes off as too traditional. 

Bottom Line

The Meucci HP01 Pool Cue is intricately made, keeping in mind the smallest of details to deliver big and better results. From its professional taper and polycarbonate ferrule to its leather tip, using this cue is bound to offer smoother and softer hits while providing more consistency and lower deflection. For its price, it definitely delivers on its promise, making it worth the investment.

5. Meucci MEF01 Pool Cue – Best for Consistent Power

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Consistency is the name of the game with the Meucci MEF01 Pool Cue. It delivers intense power in a player’s performance while requiring the least amount of effort possible. It offers immense value for players throughout their game.

The design of the MEF01 is classic, with a high-impact plastic collar in black that’s accented with synthetic pearl and crimson veneer stitches. The body is made of Meucci’s signature Birdseye maple and decorated with crimson points on a gray stain. The design is the perfect blend of simplicity and classic appeal.

The Meucci MEF01 helps keep plays consistent, thanks to a Black Dot Bulls-Eye Shaft. It improves power consistency in every hit. The shaft and butt of the MEF01 are also very flexible and helps reduce ball deflection.

With its affordable price, you can’t go wrong with the Meucci MEF01 Pool Cue. It’s the most ideal choice for beginners and novices but is also well-loved by seasoned pool players.


  • The MEF01 comes off as very classy, thanks to an elegant and traditional design. 
  • The Black Dot Bulls-Eye Shaft helps keep generated power consistent for better game performance. 
  • The shaft and butt of the MEF01 were tested by a Myth Destroyer testing robot and were found to be very flexible to help reduce ball deflection.
  • For all its quality and perks, the MEF01 also comes at an affordable price point. 
  • The MEF01’s features help ramp up and maintain power while requiring the least amount of effort from the player. 


  • Some players reported that the Lacquer coating is inconsistent with the MEF01.
  • There can be a bit of vibration when handling medium to harder shots. 

Bottom Line

The Meucci MEF01 has a lot of functions and features to boot. Aside from its great design, it also doesn’t fall short of performance. For players whose priority is building and maintaining power, this one is their best option. It delivers a flexible and consistent quality performance throughout the game while also not demanding too much effort from the player. Plus, it comes at an affordable price point despite its superior quality.

Final Thoughts

Everything you need to up your game and improve your performance can be found in Meucci cues, and those that you don’t need or are hindering your performance are stripped to provide only quality experiences for any type of player.

You really can’t go wrong with any model this brand has to offer. But even so, you have to consider your needs and preferences. To help you choose, determine what is your top priority when looking for a pool cue, whether it be balance, performance, or aesthetics.

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